Best Computer Stick 2022

A PC stick is simply a computer in a compact form factor that you can easily take around with you. Therefore we are presenting a guide and recommendations for the best computer stick to make it easier for you to transport your PC wherever you go.

Notably, a 1MB RAM computer used to be the size of a tiny electric vehicle nowadays. These computers can now become as tiny as a finger. Because of technological advancements, you can now carry a super-small computer in your pocket.

Computer sticks are one of the most popular items on the market today. If you, too, wish to make your life simpler, this article is for you!

Why a computer stick?

Stick PCs make our lives easier by condensing everything we need into a single, stick-shaped package. You may effortlessly move your crucial data on your laptop while you are away from home. Mini PC sticks are less challenging to compare to standard desktop PCs. Because of their small size, this is the case. Additionally, a computer stick contains no graphics card.

A stick PC has its processor and RAM; therefore, it is not dependent on another computer. It can supply you with the finest processing power when you’re on the road!

How does it work?

Mini PC sticks are relatively simple. They connect to the HDMI connector of your TV or computer display and allow you to boot to the installed operating system just like a conventional PC.

Tucking a complete PC onto a thumb-sized USB stick may sound like science fiction, but the computer sticks can do just that. These small computers, similar to sliding a laptop into your pocket, allow you to conduct word processing, surfing, and even light gaming without hauling around a laptop-sized chassis.

So, get a computer stick and keep the entire world in your pocket!

Top-rated Computer Sticks

A computer stick allows you to surf the web, run apps, and play games on a large screen without having to authorize access to your own devices. You may utilize a PC stick as a media center to broadcast your favorite video or music to the TV screen in the room.

  1. Azulle Quantum access fanless mini PC stick
  2. Azulle access plus fanless mini PC stick
  3. AWOW minicomputer stick
  4. AWOW computer stick Atom Z8350
  5. Mini PC stick Intel Celeron N4000
  6. Mele NV41S fanless computer stick
  7. Wireless USB Wi-Fi adapter for PC

Fan Less Mini Pc Stick 2gb 32gb

Fan Less Mini Pc Stick

Carry the power of a desktop replacement with you everywhere you go in the most practical and compact form factor possible. The Quantum Access comes with the most recent complete version of Windows 10 Home. Additionally, this computer stick has a 5V/2A Micro USB DC Charging Port.

Quantum Access is powered by the all-new Intel Atom (Quad-core) 1.33 GHZ Z3735F CPU for optimal speed and quality. The Bay Trail Quantum Access comes with 2GB of DDR3L RAM and a quick 32GB of internal memory to ensure peak performance.

This Mini PC is ideal for streaming videos since it is powered by a cutting-edge Intel HD Graphics processor (Gen 7). With an integrated output, you can plug the Quantum Access into any port and immediately “access” your PC.

Help your business prosper by purchasing a low-cost portable PC that comes with an Ethernet wire. Personal papers, programs, and apps should always be available at home, the office, or your entertainment centre.

Enjoy a versatile gadget with a full USB 2.0 connector, a mini USB port, and a micro SD card slot. Therefore, this strong hardware configuration is ideal for intense word processing, video streaming, and internet browsing.

Fan Less Mini Pc Stick 2gb 32gb Features:

  • Integrated graphics coprocessor unit.
  • 2 GB graphics card RAM.
  • Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • 1 USB cable.
  • Azulle’s product.
  • Series QS 1084.
  • Model QS 1084 QA.
  • Desktop computer compatibility.
  • Product net weight 4 ounces.
  • Runs on Windows 8.

Cherry Trail T3 Z8300, 4gb Ram Plus 64gb

Cherry Trail T3 Z8300

You can now effortlessly manage both your business and your home. This PC Stick, which is equipped with Ethernet and Windows 10 Pro, is a cost-effective method to supply desktop replacements for your whole business. Connect it to an HD TV, monitor, or projector for intelligent screen display, whether for work or pleasure.

A portable program is included with this PC stick. Plug in this Cherry Trail PC Stick to surf the web, write and edit documents, open applications, stream movies and videos, and do a lot more. Furthermore, do anything you would do on a conventional desktop, tablet, or laptop while on the road.

With a quad-core processor, 4GB of DDR3L RAM, and 64GB of internal storage, it provides a seamless experience while switching between programs at fast speeds and in full HD 1080P owing to its Intel HD Graphics card (Gen 8).

The Access Plus is the only device with Wi-Fi and an Ethernet connector, a feature available only in its predecessor, the Quantum Access LAN Fanless Mini PC Stick. Bluetooth 4.0 is supported.

A Micro SDXC card slot allows you to add up to 128GB of extra storage. Connect your mouse, keyboard, and other computer devices to get the most out of your business, travel, or personal area.

Pro Fan Less Mini Pc Stick Features:

  • Device screen size of 0.01 cm.
  • Functioning graphics card.
  • RAM size 4 GB.
  • 2 USB ports.
  • Azulle Brand.
  • Series A 1063 AAP 5.
  • A 1164 AA3 4 model number.
  • Compatible with the desktop computer.
  • Designed for Windows 10 OS.
  • Product net weight 14.2 ounces.
  • ASIN B074NCFC22.

Awow 64gb Computer Stick

Awow 64gb Computer Stick

This computer stick is powered by an Intel x5 Z8350 Quad-Core Processor (up to 1.92GHz), 4GB Main memory, and 64GB ROM, and can be used smoothly and effortlessly with negligible latency.  Moreover, it comes preloaded with a licensed version of Windows 10 Professional, which has more complex and private capabilities. These capabilities include Domain join, group policy management, Bit locker, and allocated access 8. It also features remote desktop, client Hyper-V, and direct access.

It is ideal for media streaming. Likewise, it is powered by Intel HD Graphics 7, has 4GB RAM (DDR3 Dual Channel Memory), 64GB eMMC, and a maximum increased capacity of 128GB via SD card. Therefore, it’s ideal for watching your favorite HD/4K videos, download and store data, and install programs.

AWOW is compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11ac, 4G and 5G, and 1000 Mbps LAN over USB 3.0 0. It requires a USB hub with an Ethernet connection. The Mini PC allows for more reliable and enhanced communication.

Furthermore, it has an extra-quiet cooling fan to avoid sacrificing performance when working for long periods. It features sleep mode support and auto power on after power loss. It also has full-sized USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, as well as Bluetooth 4. 2.

Awow 64gb Computer Stick Features:

  • Brand name AWOW.
  • AWOW PC stick.
  • Model number AWOW PC stick.
  • Intel compatibility.
  • Windows 10 pro OS.
  • Product package dimensions 4.7 x 1.9 x 0.5 inches.
  • Require 1 battery.
  • DDR3 SDRAM pc memory.

Mini Pc Stick 64gb Awow Computer Stick 4gb

Mini Pc Stick 64gb Awow Computer Stick 4gb

This PC stick features an improved dual heat management system. The fan has been replaced with a Sunon brand known for its excellent quality and precision in cooling fans. Likewise, the fan speed increased to 11400 RPM, allowing the TX2 stick pc to improve heat dissipation and quietness.

With this Intel compute stick, you may enjoy steady and rapid surfing while receiving 2.4 G/5 G 802.11 ac wireless signals or LAN alternatives through USB HUB with Ethernet Port. As a result, you may now connect to the internet from anywhere.

You may have extra fun with the AWOW accessories. Connect the TX2 Stick PC to an HDMI monitor and pair it with the AWOW Airmouse and Camera. Take it with you everywhere, and you’ll have a portable home computer, workplace computer, an entertainment device.

It is appropriate for digital signage solutions. Therefore, you can transform a display into a fully working Digital Signage Solution with the TX2 tiny computer stick to increase productivity, make smarter choices, and provide more tailored customer experiences.

Most importantly, it has 4GB DDR3, 64GB eMMC storage, and a Micro SD card with a maximum capacity of 256GB. It functions well as a primary PC for web browsing, streaming, word processing, and so on.

Mini Pc Stick 64gb Awow Computer Stick 4gb Features:

  • Brand AWOW.
  • Model number AWOW PC stick.
  • Intel compatibility.
  • Windows 10 pro OS.
  • Product net weight 3.2 ounces.
  • Designed with a total of 4 processors.
  • Product package dimensions 4.7 x 1.9 x 0.5 inches.
  • DDR3 SDRAM pc memory.
  • Requires 1 battery.

Mini Pc Stick Intel Celeron N4000 4gb Ddr4

Mini Pc Stick Intel Celeron N4000 4gb Ddr4

Powered by the Intel Gemini Lake CPU, this computer stick avoids cluttering and reducing performance while providing enterprise-class administration and security ideal for many applications.

Images and movies are clearly and realistically processed by Intel UHD Graphics 600, making the color more natural and realistic and providing visual and spiritual satisfaction. Additionally, it supports 4K@60Hz Display.

The S40 PC Stick contains two USB3.0 ports and one USB-C port (DC jack), making it a very extendable device. USB3.0 transfers data faster than USB2.0. It has Gigabit Ethernet (which is not supported), dual-band Wi-Fi 2.4G+5G, and Bluetooth 5.0. Therefore, you will enjoy a pleasant atmosphere if you download a huge quantity of data and view steady high-quality photographs and videos.

It is equipped with a cooling fan. It can efficiently distribute internal heat, create less heat, and run stably without fear of thermally impaired performance even in complex environments. Maintain stability when utilized for an extended period.

Moreover, the performance of the ultra-thin housing is comparable to that of a standard desktop PC. In a bit of body, there are limitless possibilities. Because it is compact and lightweight, it may be carried and placed in a variety of locations.

Mini Pc Stick Intel Celeron N4000 4gb Ddr4 Features:

  • Screen display 100.
  • 1920 x 1080 screen resolution quality.
  • Intel coprocessor for graphics.
  • 1600 MHZ memory card speed.
  • Product chipset brand Intel.
  • 2 GB RAM size.
  • 1 USB cable.
  • Requires 1 LR44 battery.
  • Compatible with a desktop computer.
  • Product package dimensions 4.37 x 0.13 x 0.04 inches.
  • Windows 10 OS.
  • Product net weight 1.6 ounces.
  • Available in black color.

Mele Nv41s Fanless Pc Stick

Mele Nv41s Fanless Pc Stick

This incredible minicomputer stick features an Excellent CPU and Intel 8th Gen Celeron Gemini Lake j4105 (up to 2. 5GHz) CPU. It also has Windows 10 Pro pre-installed. Additionally, this fanless Micro PC Stick can operate office, design, entertainment, and gaming programs, among others. It runs pretty smoothly and is excellent for both enjoyment and business use.

When compared to other tiny computer sticks, it has a larger capacity. It contains 4GB LPDDR4 RAM as well as 64GB eMMC storage and storage expansion options. It also includes an SDXC reader that can accommodate up to a 256GB Micro SD card. These characteristics indeed assure peak performance.

Furthermore, this Mini PC Stick comes with Intel UHD Graphics 600 and an HDMI 2. 0 output that enables 4k@fps. As a result, it is ideal for entertainment, light games, digital security, digital signage, media centre, education, office work, surveillance conference room, and other similar applications.

Its innovative fan-less technology allows for continuous operation with passive cooling 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The innovative design of this tiny PC Stick provides a comfortable atmosphere for the user and assures that it will function for an extended amount of time. It’s pretty quiet and steady.

Mele Nv41s Fanless Pc Stick Features:

  • 21 inches screen size.
  • Screen resolution quality 3840 x2160.
  • 400 pixels screen resolution.
  • AMD Radeon 520 graphic co-processor unit.
  • Product series PC stick.
  • Compatible with your personal computer.
  • Runs Windows 10 pro OS.
  • Brand product AWOW.
  • Available in black color.
  • Requires 1 Lithium battery.
  • DDR4 SDRAM PC memory.

Dual 5dbi Antennas 5g 2.4g Wifi Usb

Dual 5dbi Antennas 5g 2.4g Wifi Usb

High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity feature. This smart portable device provides 1200Mbps Wi-Fi connectivity speed to you pc. Specially designed for online video streaming and gaming. Built-in hotspot Wi-Fi adapter technology. Good tech support available 24 x 7. This device comes up in the market with 24 months money-back warranty.

Dual 5dbi Antennas 5g 2.4g Wifi Usb Features:

  • Product package dimensions 2.6 x 0.82 x 0.39 inches.
  • Product net weight of 1.76 ounces.
  • ASIN B07V4R3QHW.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Best Computer Sticks

When you go looking for the best computer stick in the market you must keep in mind a few qualities and attributes that will help you select the best device with desirable functions and outcome results. These products are worth buying as they consist of the following desired characteristics that you must look for in a device.

Operating System

The first step is to consider the pre-installed operating system. This is generally Windows or Linux. Neither is fundamentally superior to the other, but Linux is significantly more lightweight and, as a result, should perform better on low-power devices.


A computer with insufficient RAM may stutter, hang, or stop during data-intensive activities, , so this is not a thing that you can ignore. For most uses, 2GB is plenty, but if you can buy a machine with 4GB, that is much better.


This is the component that has the most influence on the use of your PC stick. You’re unlikely to discover a tiny PC with a fantastic CPU, but you should look for one with at least a 1GHz clock speed.


It is not advisable to spend too much money on a computer stick. Preferably, select a product that is reasonably priced.

FAQs About The Best Computer Sticks

Can Quantum Windows Baytrail T Quad Core Run Full High Dimensional Videos On Your Compatible Pc?

Yes, it plays high-quality videos. Quantum windows bay trail t quad is designed to run online video streaming. It can run 4k quality videos. If you want to run MVK video files you can install and use the VLC player on your personal computer.

Can You Use Mouse With Azulle Access Plus Windows 10 Pro Fan Less Mini Pc Stick?

Yes, sure you can use a wireless mouse with the Azulle access plus Windows 10 pro fanless mini pc.

It Is Possible To Attach A Webcam To Awow Computer Windows Quad Core Bluetooth?

Yes, you can connect a webcam to this computer stick using a Wi-Fi adapter.

Does Google Search Engine Work Well With This Awow Computer Windows Quad Core Stick?

Yes, why not. This computer stick is compatible with Google just like a regular personal computer or laptop.

Can This Nv41s Fanless Quad J4105 Dual Band Computer Stick Play Youtube?

Yes, for sure this computer system can support youtube HDMI.

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