Best CPU Cooler For i7 9700k 2022

Intel Core i7 9700k is a new generation of CPU with a lot of improvements as compared to previous generations. This is the Top 10 Best CPU Core i7-9700K is the best gaming CPU on Intel’s current lineup. It has 8 cores and threads, but it’s also usable for other tasks like productivity! If you need to buy just one thing from this article, make sure it’s this processor because regardless of what type(or category)of user you are going into with your rig, having an adequate cooling system will be necessary.

i7-9700K is a powerful processor but it can get pretty hot due to its best performance and rendering. Mind that the highest temperatures are achieved by running stress tests that will push your CPU to its maximum, so be aware of this if you plan to use this exclusively for gaming or anything else where high performance matters most. In reality, though—even when playing some of today’s most demanding games—the average real-world results won’t exceed 40 degrees Celsius under normal circumstances!

The Core i7-9700K is a powerful processor, but it won’t be manageable without an adequate cooling system. There are many capable coolers on the market that can keep this beast at bay and avoid trouble, for you’re not willing to shell out lots of money like with high-end motherboards or graphics cards which only the best ones will end up here!

The best coolers on the market will keep your Core i7-9700K running efficiently. With these, you can run at stock clocks or over 5 GHz if desired with no problem! Remember that custom liquid loops are needed for extreme overclocking attempts of up 6+GHz – but even then, they still do their job great in normal usage.

Delid or Not To Delid?

The output should be more creative, utilizing the facts that it includes removing the CPU heat sink and then IHS (integrated heat spreader). Next, you would coat your PC with thermal material to better cool down its components.

The Core i7-9700K is not worth it in most cases due to its solder rather than thermal paste, complicated process for delidding, and high risk of ruining your processor if done wrong. However, Intel has also returned with soldered metal on their newest 9th generation CPUs instead of using thermally transferred adhesive like before so keep that in mind when considering this upgrade!

If you’ve been considering delidding your CPU, understand that it can go wrong in many ways. The only scenario where this would be a good idea is if you want to enter extreme OC waters with an insufferable desire for speed—like 5 GHz+. Understand though: no matter how fast or slow your computer may run nowadays, there will always be other options available without having anything surgery done on their parts!

Types of PC Coolers

Liquid CPU Coolers

Liquid coolers have lower RPMs, making them a lot calmer than air coolers since heat transfers through a liquid that never leaves the unit. Liquid coolers are more flexible than air coolers and frequently cool down the GPU temperature.  Liquid cooling systems bid at individuals who stretch the limits and assemble PCs with high-end performance chips.

Air CPU Coolers

Air coolers have air as the essential cooling medium. In this cooling system, heat is transferred from the CPU into the baseplate and further into heat pipes to blow away the hot air—however, the base plate is made from aluminum.

The effectiveness of an air cooler system depends upon the size and number of fans joined to the CPU heatsink and material used. Therefore, it clarifies the variety in the size and structure of the air-based CPU cooler.

Overall Top 10 CPU Cooler For i7 9700k

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  1. Cooler Master V8 GTS
  2. Cryorig R1 Ultimate
  3. MSI Core Frozr L
  4. Noctua NH-D15
  5. Nzxt Kraken M22
  6. Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO
  7. Thermaltake water 3.0
  8. Corsair H115i RGB Platinum
  9. Be Quiet Dark Rock 4
  10. Evga CLC 280

Cooler Master V8 GTS


Cooler Master is known for its high-end performance cooling accessories. V8 GTS is the flagship model of Cooler Master and a game-changer in the market.

In actuality, the V8 GTS is the more significant, high-end performance, and better feature variant of the first Cooler Master V8 heatsink.

Also has a double 140mm fan with POM bearing and noise reduction, eight 6mm heat pipes, three radiator clusters, and a unique fume chamber base, the V8 GTS sure seems as though it has some good cooling potential!

The fume chamber baseplate purportedly removes heat from your hot CPU a lot quicker than conventional heatsink bases.

However, the Cooler Master made something different; this time, they properly utilize all heat pipes. In the past, we have seen that heat pipes that come in direct contact with the CPU IHS would have the option to cool the CPU appropriately.

Therefore, the customers who have an 1155 CPU socket are not enabled to encounter fundamentally unexpected execution in comparison to those with a more significant 2011 attachment.

That’s the reason why past V-series models, including the Noctua D14 and Phanteks TC14PE, are not able to serve everyone. As this V8-GTS has a horizontal vapors chamber, so different IHS sizes are not a problem anymore.


  • Horizontal Vapor Chamber
  • Aesthetics Design
  • Strong Build Quality
  • Extreme performance during high overlocking


  • A bit Tricky installation
  • Little Noisy

Cryorig R1 Ultimate

best water cooler for i7 9700k

R1 Ultimate is a cooling beast with a dual tower cooler, each tower with two different sections of fins. Also, the front portion of each tower comprises of 42 spines, yet the back portion of each tower has piles of 53 blades.

However, it is based upon the Jet Fin Acceleration framework, which utilizes the laws of liquid elements, where if the air becomes compressed, it will likewise speed up.

In terms of size, the height of towers is 168.3mm, width 140mm, and 130mm long. One other interesting point is that the total weight of this system with the fans is 1282 grams.

This R1 Ultimate has a Convex Align System with a copper base and seven heat spreading pipes over the bottom to absorb heat from the CPU. Therefore, it implies the further from the focal point of the support the warmth pipes raised in the base.

These seven channels are welded into the aluminum blades through their Direct Compress bind technique, which offers up to 10% progressively surface contact over different strategies.

The warmth will, at that point, ascend through the blades in their Heatsink Displacement Optimization. Besides, fans in this cooling system likewise have elastic cushions applied to their corners to keep vibrations and prattle under control.

Also, these fans can turn at speeds from 700 to 1300 RM and can convey up to 76 CFM each.


  • Convex Align System
  • Easy installation
  • High-end performance
  • Classic design
  • Less noisy


  • Average PWM
  • May Block your Dimm slot

MSI Core Frozr L


MSI is famous for its gaming motherboard, but after launching Core Frozr L, the company changes the market trends and becomes the top-notch CPU Cooler manufacturers in the industry.

Being cheap doesn’t mean that compromising on performance. Core Frozr L is the most budget-friendly, excellent performance CPU cooler, and ideal for ATX Form Factor desktop and gaming computers.

Also, the AM4 socket of this Cooler system supports all the latest gen of AMD and Intel processors. Dimensionally, the cooler has 150mm height, 140mm width, and 88m thickness with the fan.

Besides, the heat pipes and the base are built from copper with nickel plating on the surface to avoid rusting. On the top side of this cooler, you will find the MSI Logo with RGB lighting. This cooling system has a 120 mm Torax fan with hydrodynamic bearing and RPM range between 500 to 1800.

At a higher speed fan has 71.27 CFM and 2.09 mmH2O pressure, and at a lower speed, the fan has 19.79 CFM and 0.16 mmH2O pressure. The noise level of this cooler is 33.6dB.  However, that number likely won’t be hit a lot if using the PWM circuit to control the 4-pin connector.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Strong Fins
  • Copper pipes with nickel plating
  • Superfast fan speed
  • Less noise
  • Aesthetics design


  • Single Fan Cooling system but you can install an additional fan
  • Tricky Installations

Noctua NH-D15

Noctua NH-D15

Noctua NH-D15 is the most extreme cooling performance with minimal noise production and has a dual-tower heatsink design, which allows for a total of three fans can use at the same time.

The cooler itself has two fans pre-installed fans, but you can install the third fan later. Besides, this Noctua cooler is compatible with Intel Core i7 9700k.

Due to the large surface area for heat dissipation and dual tower heatsink, this cooler has an overall better heat transfer system.

Noctua gives two of their NF-A15 165 mm fans close by the NH-D15 and has an earthy colored shading. These are top-notch fans, with SSO2 propelled fluid greased up metallic bearing and stabilizers, the elastic enemy of vibration cushions, and furrowed cutting edges for wind current control.

However, you can use a single fan if your Ram modules have less space or you are satisfied with its performance; it is up to you.  Also, the NF-A15 premium fans provided with the NH-D15 support PWM for advantageous programmed speed control through the mainboard.

Therefore, the extreme fan speed can decrease from 1500 to 1200 rpm utilizing the provided Low-Noise Adaptor for significantly calmer activity.


  • PWM Support
  • Auto Speed control
  • Low noise adopters
  • Two Optimized pre-installed 140mm fans
  • Exceptional cooling performance


  • May not fit Mini-Atx factor motherboard
  • Addition third fan is bit pricy

Nzxt Kraken M22

Best Cpu fan for i7 9700k

Nzxt Kraken M22 is a high-end liquid cooler and best option for those who are looking for small form factor CPU coolers.

However, the Fan and PUMP are taken care of by your motherboard FAN headers; it likewise is fitted with that out of control reflect LED at the cooling square.

This M22 will offer fair enough execution; the item is good with NZXT CAM programming.

You connect the LCS unit towards a USB port, and afterward, the product permits you to change the hues and liveliness. NZXT wins the market with its customizable RGB lighting. Manufacture quality survives from an exclusive expectation.

Supposedly the M-Series cooler utilizes the entirety of similar development materials, and the structure factor is generally natural. This M22 has 400mm of nylon-sleeved elastic tubing associates’ radiator to the roundabout liquid block.

Also, the base plate built from the copper with a pre-applied thermal paste. Nzxt M22 cooler system designed to support all the latest AMD and Intel sockets.


  • LED Display
  • NZXT Cam Software
  • Small form factor
  • Extraordinary cooling for a conservative AIO
  • Budget-friendly


  • No built-in fan controls
  • No liquid temperature monitor

Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO

Best Cooler for i7 9700k

Corsair Hydro Series H150i Pro is the top-notch and high-end performance (AIO) CPU cooler model available in the computer market, which settles on it a debut decision for gamers and the individuals who utilize their PCs for overclocking.

In the packaging, you will find boxed bundled with the standard snap rings and brackets for the pump unit, which supports all the latest AMD and Intel, processors.

A total of three ML Series 120mm PWM fans appraised at 47.3 CFM at 1600 RPM will embellish the 360 radiators to give wind current and in like manner require three 120mm neighboring fan mounts for help.

These numbers are not unusual for a progressed AIO cooler, obviously demonstrating that the H150i Pro RGB is intended for moderate activity and depends on its large radiator to give excellent warm execution. This Corsair H150i Pro pump unit draws power from an incorporated SATA 12v connector.

A Micro-B to USB header link organized to permit granular control of the H150i Pro pump and fans utilizing the Corsair LINK programming suite, and also you can control them using the motherboard PWM header. A triple, 4-pin lace link distends from the pump to permit the three 120mm fans to be controlled with the LINK programming or picked PWM3 header.

This H150i Pro CPU cooler system supports the Link framework, which is a complete package for customization. With the Corsair Link, you can control the RPM of the Fan, configure RGB Led lighting, monitor the temperature, and has different mode according to your needs.


  • Corsair Link Software
  • RGB LEDs
  • Magnetic Levitation
  • Less Noise
  • Solid Build Quality


  • Occupies Large Space
  • Low flexibility on the turn fittings

Thermaltake water 3.0

Thermaltake Water 3.0 is famous for its strong emphasis on performance and RGB LED lighting. Also, the ARGB Sync capability provides some most potent RGB lighting effects.

This cooler has a smart fan controller technology that allows you to switch between 5 LED modes, including intense shades of red, blue, white, green, or impair, and cycle through 256 hues.

Water is a 360-structure cooler furnished with 3 x 120mm fans. These fans are Thermaltake’s plan, and when the lights are turned on, give some amazingly splendid RGB impacts.

As far as the plan and standard style, in any case, everything looks great. The fans themselves have a decent strong structure, and having the vibration dampeners to the fixing should help limit any likely extra clamor here. It’s a little touch too. However, the dark against the dark truly stands apart pleasantly.

AIO cooler bracket can be easily fit into the latest AMD and Intel. Exceptionally structured 360mm enormous surface radiator pairs the cooling surface as well as supports up to 6 x 120mm fans for extra warmth dispersal.


  • Simple installation
  • Smart Fan Technology
  • Double Fan
  • Solid Build Quality
  • No Clearance issues


  • No Fan control software
  • A Bit noisy some times

Corsair H115i RGB Platinum

Corsair H115i RGB Platinum

Corsair H115i RGB Platinum is the high-end performance, sleek design, and RGB glamour AIO CPU cooler in the gaming industry. H115i supports all the latest gen of Intel and AMD processors.

And the base of this H115i RGB Platinum comes enhanced with a rectangular fix of pre-applied thermal paste on the glossy silk completed copper cooling base.

The mounting section crease is evident from the side. Mounting sections slide into grooves at the bottom of the square, snapping into position on either.

Also, this cooler has dual magnetic levitation PWM 140mm fans and a 280 mm radiator. ICUE Software allows you to control and monitor this  AIO CPU cooler for your processor.

Installation of the Corsair H115i RGB Platinum is relatively direct, expecting your PC suspension bolsters a 2x140mm radiator.

An RGB ponytail gives lighting availability between the siphon lodging and fans, while additionally giving PWM control utilizing a 2-way splitter. However, the fans can be managed by motherboard fan headers or an independent fan controller.

Also, the fans of this H115i RGB Platinum have 400 to 2000 RPM and are build in such a way that they give 97 CFM.

In addition to the fact that you get a massive amount of wind current from these fans and 3.0 mmH2O of static pressure and the blend of the high stream is enough to push to traverse the FPI radiator.  At the most top speed, the fans produced 37.dB noise


  • Extremely calm.
  • Simple installation.
  • Sleek Design.
  • Zero RPM mode.
  • ICUE RGB Lighting Software


  • Low flexibility on the turn fittings

Be Quiet Dark Rock 4

Be Quiet Dark Rock 4

Be Quiet Dark Rock 4 is an outstanding air cooler with extreme performance and high durability. This cooler comes finished off with an anodized, brushed-aluminum spread plate.

Each heat pipe closes jabs through the plate and is secured by a dark aluminum top. A more intensive glance at the aluminum blades themselves.

uncovers that they are somewhat thicker than the thoughtful you will see on most Heat pipe tower coolers, further accentuating that be quiet’s! Item building didn’t take alternate routes with this line.

This Dark Rock 4 has a dual tower design and two 135 mm PWM controlled fans. Also, this CPU cooler has seven copper heat pipes and more clearance space for DDR3/DDR4 Ram as compare to the previous generation.

However, the CPU cooler is covered dim, which looks entirely decent, to be completely forthright. In actual, Dark Rock 4 is the replacement of Dark Rock 3 with the majority of new hardware, software, and performance changes, and the most important is the compatibility with all latest Intel and AMD processors.


  • Stronger Build quality
  • Aesthetic color scheme
  • Solid cooling execution
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • Easy Installation


  • Larger in size
  • No AMD Thread ripper Support

Evga CLC 280

Evga CLC 280

EVGA CLC 280 is an extraordinary performance, and a perfect RGB LED combo CPU Cooler. Also, the CLC 280  has an independent liquid cooling system that doesn’t require re-filling,  tubing, and maintenance.

Because of the Teflon nano bearing inside, the fans increase their life and produce max noise up to 20 decibels. However, the fan’s speed relies upon the temperature of the CPU; If the CPU is cold, then the fan will let or shut down to diminish noise.

Evga has introduced an aluminum radiator with mounted fans with an RGB pump unit and nylon-sleeved rubber tubing. In the box packaging, you will find a built-in mounting  LGA115x/20 bracket, a heritage AMD rectangular-design section, a USB controller link, screws, and washers for radiator establishment.

Therefore,  the AMD deadlocks used with the production line bolster plate to support  AMD motherboards and Intel’s LGA 2011/2011-v3/2066.

Another arrangement of deadlocks to coordinate the included LGA 115x/1366 help plate, and a lot of butterfly nuts to tie down the head unit to the deadlocks. EVGA stream control software allows you to monitor temperatures and alter fans in like manner.

You are free to set their fan slants, yet the most significant bit of leeway over motherboard-based fan control may be that the product additionally permits clients to change the shade of the EVGA logo. The “K” symbol powers max throttle activity.


  • Extraordinary CPU cooling execution
  • Max Noise 20 dB
  • Control PWM fans with the motherboard or onboard controller
  • Copper Base
  • High durability


  • Due to the large radiator, May not fit in smaller cases

CPU Cooler For I7 9700k | Buyers Guide


significantly affect the execution of your PC. A Slow fan doesn’t reduce the temperature of the CPU. However, it utilizes the same power as a faster electric fan cooler. Instead of benefits, it reduces the performance of the CPU. So, make sure the cooling system has a more significant size and speedier fan.


The most critical thing you need is to check the socket compatibility before buying a CPU cooler. So, go and check your motherboard specifications you will find out which socket it supports—for instance, AM4, AM3, AM2, TRX4, and GA 1151.

To Make sure a connection and legitimate warmth dissipation, you need to fit the cooler in the bracket also and adequately remember each cooling system has its mounting bracket.

Warmth Emittance

Before taking a decision, you need to measure how much heat your CPU produces. This measurement will help in recognizing which cooling system fulfills your requirement. However, you should choose a cooling system that kept your CPU temperature at least lower than 55-degree Celsius to increase its life.

Cooler Size

Always check the maximum cooling system of high support in the motherboard. Likewise, the available space for the cooling Fan is 120mm, and you bought a cooler with a height of 140mm.

So, your money will waste as it doesn’t fit in your motherboard. So, make you measure the proper height support in the motherboard before considering it.

Thermal Power Design

TDP is the parameter to identify how much your CPU is cool. Before buying a CPU, a cooler must check its nominal TDP because some of the CPUs do not need an extra cooler as their TDP is low. However, the CPU with high TDP must be required an additional cooler.


Does the i7-9700K come with a cooler?

No. The cousin of the i7-9700 should be avoided at all costs and will not do anything for you other than disappoint in terms of performance.

What’s your opinion on overclocking? Does this processor have what it takes to take up that challenge, or would its lackluster clock speeds leave room for improvement elsewhere, like RAM speed increase, etc.?

Do I need a CPU cooler for the i7-9700K?

If you have an Intel processor, the fan on your PC needs to be replaced. The stock cooler that comes with them is not worth bragging about and can cause problems down the line if it’s not fixed right away!

How hot does the i7-9700K get?

The i7-9700K is the cooler of choice for those looking to overclock their systems, but it can still get hot if you aren’t optimized for airflow and are stressing your processor. Despite this drawback, once again – as long as there’s plenty more cooling than not enough (which would lead to throttling), we recommend that any user consider getting an Intel chip like these instead!

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