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Best CR123A Batteries 2021

Best CR123A Batteries are used in security alarm systems to power PIR sensors. Due to their high capacity and long life, they make an excellent choice for this task. These qualities make them the go-to battery type among many manufacturers and because there’s no danger of fire or explosion like other options might offer when stored improperly!

Best 123A batteries are not available at your local store. They’re high-power and have a longer shelf life than any random cell you buy off the rack! We did extensive research to find these babies – they will be more expensive than what’s already stocked but worth every penny in performance for emergencies such as running out on battery power when camping or just being away from home without enough spares ready for use.
Tests showed different brands of lithium-ion capable of delivering powerful charges; we tested each one thoroughly before ranking them according to their output, ensuring no loss during transmission (which can lead to too fast discharge).

Top-Rated CR123A Batteries

It was only after all that groundwork, and we ended up with the 6 best CR123A batteries of 2021. Also, ranked them based on their performance across multiple parameters!
It is not an easy task as there are many factors to consider when deciding which battery will work well in your device and what you need from it – so read carefully for a breakdown of our process.

  1. Energizer AA CR123A Batteries
  2. Energizer Rechargeable C Batteries
  3. SureFire 72 Pack 123A Lithium Batteries
  4. Basics Lithium CR123a Battery
  5. SureFire 123A Lithium Batteries
  6. Rayovac 123A Lithium Batteries
Energizer-AA-Batteries Energizer AA Batteries1 pack 48 counts Check Price
Energizer-Rechargeable-C-Batteries Energizer Rechargeable C Batteries2 packs Check Price
SureFire-72-Pack-123A-Lithium-Batteries SureFire 72 Pack 123A Lithium Batteries1 pack 72 counts Check Price
AmazonBasics-Lithium-CR123a-Battery AmazonBasics Lithium CR123a Battery6 pack Check Price
SureFire-123A-Lithium-Batteries SureFire 123A Lithium Batteries12 pack Check Price
Rayovac-123A-Lithium-Batteries Rayovac 123A Lithium Batteries8 battery count Check Price

Energizer AA CR123A Batteries


Get the most amazing batteries of all time. This amazing battery is incredibly powerful and has a longer life span which makes it perfect for cameras and other portable and wireless devices. If you own electrical devices that require batteries this is the one you should get because it is best for electrical devices. It can be used for, clocks, flashlights, remotes, and home security purposes. This battery is solid and well constructed.

Moreover, it is durable and reliable. You will have the best experience with this amazing battery because it has the longest shelf life. You don’t have to worry about powerless batteries anymore because this battery won’t leave you powerless.

Besides, it designed is well and provides the best performance. This battery is of great value and price. The better is easy to use and is fully charged. It is available at an affordable price.

It comes in one pack of 48 counts of Energizer MAX alkaline AA batteries with a Nominal Voltage of 1.5 volts and Nominal IR of 150 to 300 milliohms (fresh). These Energizer AA Batteries are the best CR123A batteries.

Energizer AA Batteries Features:

  • Longer life span
  • Effective and sturdy
  • Best for all wireless devices
  • Provides the best performance

Energizer Rechargeable C Batteries


Energizer Rechargeable C Batteries is a strong and powerful battery that goes for a long time. If you have devices that require batteries then there is no better battery other than this one. You will find it durable and long-lasting.

The batteries are well constructed and well designed. You will have the best experience with this battery. You won’t be disappointed once you purchase it and bring it to your use.

Furthermore, the battery is effective and efficient. You will get it at an affordable price because this battery is budget-friendly. Moreover, it is reliable and sturdy. The batteries work perfectly well and are pre-charged.

The best thing about this battery is that it is rechargeable. You can recharge it as many times as you want and it will still provide you the best performance. It comes in a 2-pack of Energizer Recharge Universal 2500 mAh NiMH C rechargeable batteries. Besides, each battery can charge hundreds of times, with a charge that can last up to 12 months in storage. The battery is so useful.

Energizer Rechargeable C Batteries Features:

  • Comes fully charged
  • Provides the best performance
  • Works perfectly well
  • Will provides you the best experience

SureFire 72 Pack 123A Lithium Batteries


This is another battery that you are going to find very useful. The battery is of great value and can be used for multiple purposes. You will find it extremely effective.

The battery is very well constructed and well designed. This battery is very long-lasting and durable. The best thing about this battery is that it is leak-resistant. Moreover, it will provide you with the best performance.

Additionally, if you own any kind of portable and wireless devices like a smoke detector, fire alarm, clock, toy, camera, flashlight, remotes, and other devices then you should indeed purchase this amazing battery.

This battery arrives fully charged in the pack and is easy to use. You will find it reliable and budget-friendly. This battery is best for electrical devices. This battery is rechargeable which is amazing because this way you can save your money from being spent. Besides, SureFire 72 Pack 123A Lithium Batteries is the best 123a battery so far on the list.

SureFire 72 Pack 123A Lithium Batteries Features:

  • Comes fully charged in the pack
  • Works perfectly well
  • Wide temperature tolerance
  • Built-in heat and fault protection
  • SureFire specifications

Basics Lithium CR123a Battery


Basics Lithium CR123a Battery is one of the most demanding batteries. This battery is specifically designed for portable and wireless devices. This battery is durable and effective.

If you want batteries for any of your wireless devices, I must say, there’s no other battery that can beat its quality and performance. It will provide you with the best performance because it’s a solid build. Moreover, this battery is affordable and budget-friendly.

You are going to love this incredible battery once you purchase it and start using it. This battery is of great value and demand in the market. The battery gets delivered in perfect packaging and fully charged.

The best thing about this battery is that it is rechargeable which means you can charge it again and again. This battery will save you money.

The battery works perfectly and is without any flaws. You will find it sturdy and reliable. Besides, it is user-friendly. Your kids will love this because they can now play with their toys for a longer span of time.

Basics Lithium CR123a Battery Features:

  • Provides the best performance
  • Well constructed and designed
  • Works perfectly
  • Can be recharged

SureFire 123A Lithium Batteries


You can make your kids happy by installing this amazing battery inside their toys. The battery will run for hours and can be recharged. It is reliable and durable. SureFire 123A Lithium Batteries are the best ones on the list so far.

You will have the best experience with this incredible battery because it is well designed. The best thing about this battery is long-lasting and has a longer life span. You can use it for multi-purposes.

Additionally, the battery works perfectly well and provides the best performance. It is available at an affordable price and is budget-friendly. Moreover, this battery is perfect for security reasons, cameras, flashlights, torches, clocks, toys, remotes, etc.

This battery is high in demand in the market. You can recharge it as many times as you want. The battery is powerful and won’t be left powerless. You will get this battery in an incredible package. Besides, the batteries are fully charged inside the package.

SureFire 123A Lithium Batteries Features:

  • Longer life span
  • Saves money
  • Used for multi-purposes
  • Comes in good packaging
  • Provides the best performance

Rayovac 123A Lithium Batteries


Get the most astonishing batteries ever. This stunning battery is fantastically amazing and has a more drawn-out life expectancy which makes it ideal for cameras and other compact and remote gadgets. Rayovac 123A Lithium Batteries work great.

On the off chance that you own electrical gadgets that require batteries, this is the one you ought to get on the grounds that it is best for electrical gadgets. It very well may be utilized for this, timekeepers, electric lamps, controllers, and home security purposes. This battery is strong and very much built.

Besides, it is sturdy and solid. You will have the best involvement in this stunning battery since it has the longest timeframe of realistic usability. You don’t need to stress over frail batteries any longer since this battery won’t leave you weak.

Plus, it is very much structured and gives the best execution. This battery is of extraordinary worth and cost. The better is anything but difficult to utilize and is completely energized. It is accessible at a reasonable cost.

Rayovac 123A Lithium Batteries Features:

  • Longer life span
  • Provides the best performance
  • Comes in 1 pack 48 counts
  • Best for all wireless devices

Things To Consider Before Buying CR123a Batteries

You will find a large variety of 123a batteries in the market. But the ones that we recorded beneath are the best ones that our group has decided for you. These batteries intend to perform better. You can utilize these batteries for advanced cameras, toys, games, spotlights, home security purposes, Smoke Detectors, and numerous other versatile and remote gadgets. Check the given guide beneath.

Recharging Features

The 123a batteries are of various types. Most of these batteries are rechargeable and non-rechargeable. The non-rechargeable ones are great and last for a long time. But when compare to rechargeable batteries, they are not as good as rechargeable ones. Moreover, you can recharge the rechargeable batteries many times. As a result, it saves your money from buying new batteries to replace the old ones.


When buying a battery you must check the life span of the battery because batteries have different life spans. Most of the batteries have a 3-4 year duration and most even have a decade of life span. You definitely should get the one with a longer life span if it is available at an affordable price.


You will find batteries at different costs. You don’t want to buy a low or high-performing battery at a high cost. Make sure you spend your money wisely on a product that is not too expensive and is also good in performance.

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