Best Deep Pocket Queen Sheets 2022

Are you tired of low-quality sheets that usually slip from your mattress? Invest in the best deep Pocket Queen sheets, which help you to change your uncomfortable nights into peaceful and calm nights. These are specially designed to fit mattresses perfectly, so no need to worry about slip while moving around at night.

Best Deep Pocket Queen Sheets

Various pocket sizes are available, make an excellent option for you to sleep the whole night. Of course, there is nothing remarkable for you than a fresh sheet. Moreover, you should consider the material, thread count, pocket-size, and range of color and size available for you.

Bright color gives you a sense of relaxation. Décor your room according to the choice of color. Researching in the market and getting the material is hard sometimes. Therefore, you should be confident in seeing all the sheets available online for you. Fitted sheets are more suitable and offer an additional number of inches.  

Besides, a complete set provides you all without finding fitter and bedsheets in the market. So get an entire collection and add comfort to your bed. There is nothing more important than a great night’s sleep. You do not need to sacrifice your night and turn around the whole night. 

Now you do not need to struggle more with slide and slip sheets that barely stay on. The regular sheet can fit up to a 14-inch mattress. Whereas, the standard deep pocket can fit in 15 to 17 inches. However, if you have a thicker mattress: extra-deep pocket sheets can fit up to 22-inches mattresses.

Select the size carefully before ordering a sheet set for your bed. Pure cotton fitter sheet is breathable; stay cool during summers. Also, budget-friendly deep sheets are your most popular choice. Lastly, one of the fantastic features of the inner sheet is its stain and water-resistant ability. Durable, soft, and fresh material help you to have a good night’s sleep.

List Of Top 6 The Best Deep Pocket Queen Sheets

Finding luxury material might be confusing or misleading for you in the market, making it difficult for you to make a decision. Therefore, we listed some of the top-quality material sheets for you.

  1. Sweet Home Microfiber Deep Pocket Set
  2. Hotel Luxury Bed Sheet-Queens Sheet
  3. Sonoro Kate Bed Sheet Set
  4. TEKAMON Queen Six Piece Bed Set
  5. Egyptian Cotton 4 Piece Sheet
  6. Feather & Stitch King Cotton Bed Sheet

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Sweet Home Microfiber Deep Pocket Set


Getting a good night’s sleep is all that you dreamed of. But, with a slip sheet, you cannot sleep comfortably. The sweet home set consists of the value pack, including 4-pieces of the sheet set and two more pillowcases.

With a charming home collection, add style, comfort to your bed.  Using this sheet, you can have a great night’s sleep. Perfect for home, vacation, kid’s room, guests room, college dorm. Moreover, the flat sheet size is 90 x 102-inches, and four standard size pillowcases are 20 x 30-inches large. If you have a thick mattress up to 16-inch, this sheet fits perfectly deep using elastic around it.

Sweet home sheets have a firm grip and fit effortlessly without any disturbance. On the other hand, pillowcases contain pouches on the inner flap that holds the pillow tightly inside. You do not need to spend sleepless nights and bear all the sheets itchy. Wake up fresh in the morning and get the soft, soundly feeling.

On top of that, the sheet is made from 1500 microfiber material, durable and comfortable. These soft-linens include full-length elastic in the corners of the sheet, which helps keep it in place. With four pillowcases, this flat sheet included the whole set is cost-effective and machine-friendly.


  • Weight 3.92 pounds
  • Microfiber fabric
  • Machine wash
  • Thick, full-length elastic

Hotel Luxury Bed Sheet-Queens Sheet

Many bed sheet sets are low-quality and made up of cheap materials, but this comfy bed sheet is super-fine, constructed with microfiber. Get a soft and calm feel while sleeping.

After a long day of work, you probably want to get a peaceful night’s sleep. But, with the rough sheets, your sleep can disturb. Making your bed should not be hard from now with this soft linen bedsheet. Although managing the rough sheets could be challenging, get rid of all the hassle now. This introducing four-piece bed set contains all you want for a better night’s sleep.

Queen set consists of two pillowcases, one flat sheet, and one inner fitted sheet. In addition, the fitted sheet is helpful to protect your mattress from strain and water. Always cover the bed with the fitter; after that making the sheet over would be easy.

You are tired from cleaning the sheet repeatedly; the deep pockets arrow allows you to fix the sheet to secure it. Also, it is water and stain-resistant. If you want a soft sheet, this bed set is breathable, calm, and super silky. They are more soothing as compared to Egyptian sheets and organic sheets.


  • Breathable
  • Microfiber material
  • Solid pattern
  • Durability

Sonoro Kate Bed Sheet Set


Sonoro extra pocket sheets perfectly fit in a 16-inch mattress with elastic around it. As compared to other sheets, this sheet has a better grip.

Sonoro is crafted with 1800 series ultra-soft microfiber fabric. Enjoy a great time with your family. Higher quality makes it soft, comfy, and long-lasting use. A luxury microfiber set is welcomed for almost all types of rooms. Whether you want for your bedroom, kid’s room, or guest room, high structure design argues you can use it comfortably.

On special occasions, decorate your room and use this bed set for a refined and superior look. In addition, the top-quality fabric is breathable, stain, wrinkle-proof. You do not need to worry about if you accidentally throw a tea while enjoying a book. Breathability allows you to sleep and enjoy working on the bed without feeling disturbed.

Sonoro luxury sheets are fading, staining, shrinking, and wrinkle resistant. Also, these sheets are washable in machines in cold water. Another most important thing is color selection. For a couple of bedrooms, primarily light colors are suitable. Also, multiple colors choice allows you to choose from and match with the bedroom interior design.

A complete set is available at low prices. Affordable for you with the range of color selection. Get one to make your bedroom look unique.


  • 1800 microfiber
  • 16″ fitted sheet
  • Multiple colors
  • Solid pattern

TEKAMON Queen Six Piece Bed Set


TEKAMON silly soft microfiber provides smoothness and breathability. Queen sheet enables extra softness gives you a relaxing night’s sleep.

All season sheets ensure all-year use. Either it is harsh summer condition or cold weather so elegant to use and would not make you feel uncomfortable. Get for you all bedrooms, including guest rooms, so that your guests feel calm at night after a long drive.

The sheet has a firm grip and fits easily using elastic pockets. The waterproof ability helps you to protect your inner mattress. No matter if you have an infant and leak on the mattress. You do not need to worry about washing the inner bed. The internal filter is washable and stain-resistant.

Single-track Elastic deep pockets will easily stretch up to 16-inch. You do not need to worry about the loosening of the sheet; elastic tightly covers up all sides of the corner. Additionally, the classic set is designed to offer a heavenly sleeping experience. Made up of 100% polyester material delivers durability and luxurious suppleness.

All season adjustable sheet sets keep you warm during cold winters and cool during summers. Enhance your comfort with excellent quality material. You do not need to use all those low-quality fabric clothes anymore. The whole set gives you an incredibly amazing night’s sleep. 

It is perfect for your home, and you can use it for camping and other outdoor activity. Use this comfy sheet for your car mattress and protect from stain and water. Washable sheets allow you to use without worrying about stains.


  • 100% polyester material
  • All season sheet
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Machine wash
  • Extra deep pockets

Egyptian Cotton 4 Piece Sheet

4 Piece Premium Sheet Set

While, some people prefer crisp linens, but if you are a person who loves cotton bedsheets. The Egyptian special design sheet includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillow covers. Superiority and luxury softness enable a complete comfy sleep during nighttime.

In the pure cotton sheet, you and your children feel relaxed and wake up fresh in the morning. Egyptian is the silkiest and soft sheet that adds comfort to your room.  In addition, you can gift this high-quality sheet to your loved ones. Either it is a birthday, mother’s day, or any family event, you can surprise them with its superior quality and design.

Egyptian cotton sheet is available in different sizes and colors; pick the one that best suits you.  A 16-inch fitter is an ideal addition to your room. A soft and comfy sheet gives you a sense of cleanness.

A fitter usually does not fit precisely in a thick mattress, and a too-small fitted sheet makes you fight with the bed. Also, the deep pocket can be tear or come out of your mattress while sleeping anytime, so get a fitter with a deeper pocket to fit right into your mattress and avoid any disturbance.

Lastly, the fitter is the most crucial part. It protects your bed from dirt or water. The 14-inch deeper elastic pockets allow you to secure the form and prevent damage.


  • Pure cotton material
  • Solid pattern
  • Four-piece set
  • Machine washable
  • 22-inch deep pockets

Feather & Stitch King Cotton Bed Sheet

 Feather & Stitch 500 Thread Count King Size Cotton Sheets

Do you toss and turn the whole night? Because of uncomfortable sheets and cannot get enough sleep. If you do not get sleep, you probably would not feel fresh in the office.

Feather & stitch cotton bed sheet provides you a complete bed set so that you can have a relaxed night after a long day of work. When the bed sheets become uncomfortable and sweaty, you cannot sleep on them smoothly. In addition, the comfy sheet enables you to get a great night’s sleep on a quality mattress. These quality sheets help to maintain your body temperature while sleeping.

Breathability of these sheets with the new style bed sheet adds an elegant look to your bedroom. The 18-inch deep pockets fit right into your mattress and provide complete security from water and dirt. The elastic can be adjustable with any size of the bed without slipping.

Whenever you wash them, these sheets become softer and smoother. Do not compromise on the quality of your bedsheets. Choose the one that has a high-quality material. Not only this but the variety of colors help you to decor and the sheet with room interior color. Choose wisely and get better sleep.


  • Cotton material
  • Striped pattern
  • Extra-long size
  • 18-inch deep sheet

Buyer Guide about the Best Deep Pocket Queen Sheets

Although, deep pocket sheets are designed for thick mattresses, there is still a difference in the product available in the market. You are not sure which factors help you to get a great night’s sleep. Here is the list from which you can get to know about the essential elements before getting one for you.


Deep pocket sheets come in various materials such as cotton, linen, silk, and polyester. These all fabrics are breathable and provide comfortable sleep. But, the cotton fabric is more comfortable and has an excellent moisture ability. As a result, stay cooler during summer nights and warmer on cold nights.

Size and fitting

The size of the sheet is an important thing you should measure before buying one. While all the deep pocket sheets fit comfortably in thicker mattresses, they still vary in measurements. So, do calculate the size of your bed and buy the sheet according to the mattress size.


One of the most crucial features each deep pocket sheet should contain. More excellent breathability means greater airflow, which helps you to stay more relaxed and comfortable while sleeping. On summer days, you want to stay cooler and fresh while sleeping.


You should need to take a look at the given instructions before using the sheets. Almost all sheets are machine washable, dryer safe, but some like silk which requires hand-washing. It is recommended to keep your sheets in good condition to increase the lifespan of your bed set.   


Specify material enhances the temperature-regulating capabilities of bed sheets. It is more suitable during summer nights. PCM (phase change material) helps to absorb heat and maintain body temperature from getting too hot.

FAQ’s About the Best Deep Pocket Queen Sheets

Why should we buy a deep pocket fitter?

  • Deeper pockets grasp the mattress and protect from any stain.
  • Also, the fitter enables you to make your upper sheet comfortably.
  • You do not need to fight with sheets that slide and slip easily.

What is a deep pocket sheet?

  • Deep pockets accommodate thicker mattresses to avoid sliding of bed sheets.
  • The deep elastic bands cover between 16 to 24 inches’ thick mattress. 
  • Compare the bed thickness with the depth fitted sheet to know about the compatibility.

How do we wash deep pocket sheets?

  • Care instructions are available with each sheet. Carefully read them.
  • However, the care guides depend on n material and the construction of the mattress.
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