Best Gun Safes Under 500 2022

The Best Gun safes are not all expensive. If you only have 500 dollars to spend, there is a safe for every budget and need! For example, the ideal safe can be purchased under $500 to keep family members and robbers without accessories from obtaining entrance to your firearms. You could even get fire-rated models if needed at this price point, too – remember it’s important not go over what they’re designed for, so don’t buy anything outside of those guidelines when shopping around online or in-store!”

For me, 500 dollars will get me a safe that is both secure and affordable. If you are looking to spend the rest of your money on guns or ammo then this price range might not work for what you want but if safety concerns rank high in priorities while still staying within budget constraints – I recommend checking out our selection at ABC SAFE Store!

The best gun safes are made from the toughest materials to protect your firearms. They have thick walls, steeliness inside, and an alarm system that will make any would-be thief think twice before targeting you or anyone else for their loot!

If you value your guns, it is important to invest in a safe. What better way than with one of these high-quality rifle safes? With prices starting at just $500 for the best models on the market today; there’s no reason not to take care of oneself and store away one most valuable possessions!

Top 11 best gun safes under 500

As we would like to think, this is untrustworthy, and we don’t treat our clients on this path to make a deal. Right, when you stop to consider the motivations to put resources into a safe, it boils down to a straightforward, however critical issue:

The substance you wish to secure usually is probably the most significant and important thing you own.

So, we feel it is our obligation as experts in the safe and security items industry to slice through the publicity and deception that the web is loaded up with and give you just the most significant contemplations as you look for a safe to fulfill your requirements. Therefore, we prepare a list of the best gun safes for you.

  1. RPNB Gun Safe for Multiple Handguns with Biometric Lock
  2. Awesafe Gun Safe with Finger-print Identification Lock
  3. RPNB Mounted Gun Safety Device with Biometric Lock
  4. Stack-On Gun Security Cabinet – Rifle Storage Locker
  5. Pataku Rifle Safe Gun Storage Cabinet
  6. BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe
  7. RPNB Gun Safe, California DOJ Certified Gun safe
  8. Moutec Large Biometric Rifle Gun Safe
  9. Moutec Large Rifle Safe, Quick Five-access Gun safe
  10. RPNB Gun Security Safe with Biometric Fingerprint & Digital KeyPad
  11. Verifi Smart Safe, Biometric Gun safe

RPNB Gun Safe for Multiple Handguns with Biometric Lock

RPNB-Gun-Safe-for-Multiple-Handguns | Best Gun Safes Under 500

Individuals have numerous assets which they need to keep secure. Safes are significant to shield your resources from being taken.

Valuable things, once stolen, are challenging to recover. Here and there, you don’t recapture them.

In this way, you should keep your essential things made sure about by buying an RPNB Safe, which gives you security and movability.

You can use the RPNB lockbox for different purposes. You can stash your visa, identification, guns, telephones, checkbooks, keys, and so on. In case you have a weapon, you can undoubtedly fit a full-sized handgun in the safe without agonizing over your kid getting to it.

Moreover, the safe is known for its conservativeness. This gun safely weighs just 13 lbs and 18-gauge steel, permitting it in different spots. Likewise, it includes an enemy of the pry body, keeping it from break-ins with devices.

For additional assurance, the safe likewise includes a 1500 lbs security link. Besides, the protection accompanies a biometric and RFID system. You can undoubtedly set or reset the mixes gracefully.

At last, the inside of the safe is secure with froths of high thickness. Therefore, it secures your resources inside the safe. Every one of these highlights makes the sheltered outstanding amongst other handgun safes in the commercial center.


  • Gun Safe
  • 3 Points Entry
  • Tough & Rugged
  • High Capacity & Anti Theft Protection

Awesafe Gun Safe with Finger-print Identification Lock

Awesafe-Gun-Safe-with-Finger-print-Identification-Lock |Best Gun Safes Under 500

Awesafe Gun Safe may be small-sized but uncompromising and practically challenging to break into with hand devices.

However, the technology used in this safe offers fast access, regardless of whether you are bumbling in obscurity.

And the audio agent inside the safe quickly notifies if the entry is correct or not and disables the lock.

Awesafe Gun Safe is battery fueled for the most outstanding security and simple movability. An alter marker notes invalid section endeavors, and an inherent PC blocks access after repeated invalid entries.

In general, the unit is easy to program, and you can program synchronous multi-button presses, and you can utilize any catch on numerous occasions.

These highlights add to the firearm’s general security and make it significantly harder to break into having the foggiest idea about the blend.

However, the battery keeps going for an extended period; a few clients have announced that they have utilized batteries for the Awesome Gun Safe for longer than a year. When the battery becomes low, the LED light will demonstrate that the battery is low.

Cylinder lock keys are included with the safe just on the off chance that the batteries bite the dust or if something odd happens that you can’t get into the safe for some explanation.

That equivalent LED light will likewise recognize button presses and terrible mix endeavors. Such a large number of terrible blend endeavors will make the inward PC debilitate button presses for a few minutes.


  • Digital keypad for advanced protection
  • Electronic Lock and Override Key
  • Pry-Resistant Door and Solid Steel Construction
  • Compression Gas Strut

RPNB Mounted Gun Safety Device with Biometric Lock

RPNB-Mounted-Gun-Safety-Device-with-Biometric-Lock | Best Gun Safes Under 500

From numerous points of view, the RPNB Mounted Firearm Safety Device is the ideal approach to safely storing a handgun. Not at all like in a standard gun safe, your firearm is kept in the prepared position, so you open the safe, and you’re all set.

Besides, it is ideal for mounting on a bedside table, underneath your work area, or even in your vehicle. Fundamentally, you can mount it anyplace you may require fast admittance to your weapon.

After numerous grumblings about the biometric unique mark scanner on this current model’s ancestor, RPNB has supplanted it with a safer 500-DPI semiconductor biometric sensor. Therefore, it can recall up to 50 high-goal fingerprints.

Furthermore, it has a super snappy matching pace of one second. You can likewise open it with a four-digit code or the reinforcement key.

This gun safe is produced using rugged steel and got done with consumption safe paint. It likewise has hostile prying

gadgets inside the safe to prevent interlopers from entering. However, this safe excellence is that you can conceal it, so nobody knows you have a weapon. In case you’re searching for an attentive method to ensure your family, this firearm safe is genuinely outstanding.


  • Quick Access
  • Handgun Safe
  • Desk-Mounted Design
  • Tough & Rugged

Stack-On Gun Security Cabinet – Rifle Storage Locker

Stack-On-Gun-Security-Cabinet | Best Gun Safes Under 500

Stack-On has been in the safe firearm market for more than 40 years. Their principal crowd is individuals who appreciate the outside.

Be it for wellbeing or chasing purposes, the company designed this by keeping affordability in mind. They have extended their line to incorporate convenient weapon safes also.

They have likewise fused various highlights that make their safes the absolute most flexible you can purchase.

This gun safe cabinet is very nearly a two-in-one. Besides, It can oblige up to 10 long weapons. However, it can likewise be changed over to store nine long firearms with the space needed to keep any extras or extra resources you should be careful.

Besides, the inside of the safe intends to hold every one of the firearm barrels. Along these lines, you can keep them from getting harmed or scratched. The one drawback of this safe is that it utilizes a lock and key rather than a more mind-boggling system. In any case, it’s one of the most reasonable alternatives available.


  • Up to 52 tall
  • Additional storage or is removable
  • 17″W x 13-1/2″D x 53″H
  • 3-point locking system

Pataku Rifle Safe Gun Storage Cabinet

Pataku-Rifle-Safe-Gun-Storage-Cabinet | Best Gun Safes Under 500

Pataku Rifle Safe Gun storage cabinet can hold up to 4 rifles or shotguns with an extra a lot simpler, likewise profound enough to have a few gun holders or handgun coordinators on the rear of the entryway.

However, the upper side compartment inside can store shots, handguns(enough space for in any event four firearms), cash, gems, visas, and different resources in your home or office.

Fast gun access during crises. A robust all-steel body and the dependable locking framework can keep the kids and others from coming inside.

This gun safe kept your weapons hidden, and a smooth plan permits you to store in conservative territories, for example, your wardrobe;

Pry-proof, tempering resistant, and created with steel, this protected box is of high quality and strong structure.

A computerized keypad lets you program this electronic stockpiling safe with your passcode. Stock keys consider manual bolting and opening, making sure about guns from children, and preventing robbery.


  • Tamper-resistant
  • Pry-proof
  • Digital keypad
  • Quick firearm

Billconch Biometric Gun Safe


Billconch gun safe is spacy – it has space enough for up to two little guns, in addition to ammunition, while thick foam forestalls any sliding around on the off chance that you go on this safe on a street outing.

There are no batteries and no scanner. Instead, it opens through a straightforward catch mix, disposing of any danger of inability to open, and the opening is smooth.

This gun safe considers as a value for money product. And the interior of this safe is appealing.

Opening alternatives function admirably. Flexible LED lighting and quite small, yet decent customization choices for individuals. A reasonable option to Vault safes.

Billconch gun safe comes in four opening modes making it exceptionally simple to utilize. You can open it using fingerprints, passcode by the keypad to the safe, Billconch cell phone application (both Android and iOS), physically by the reinforcement keys.

A Lithium-particle battery can charge with a USB that gives around 6000 utilizations on a solitary charge). Flexible LED lighting to see substance in low lighting.

Double enemy of effect hooks that won’t open when dropped. Inside mounted pivots that are inaccessible from an external perspective.



RPNB Gun Safe, California DOJ Certified Gun safe


Gun safes are perfect for parents with small children who need to store their firearms. It also provides secure storage of handguns, ammunition, and more at home or on a nightstand while traveling in case they get into an unsafe situation that requires quick access to protection from harm!

This unit includes a substantial development described by thick and powerful metal; however, it is not solid to stand expert criminals’ anger. It’s just the best unit for keeping your firearms far from kids as secure from slapdash robbers.

Moreover, the biometric innovation utilized in this keen weapon safe is easy to understand and practical. You can program a few fingerprints in no time, on account of its boss acknowledgment exactness and speed. Secure this RPNB firearm safe to the floor or secure it to a fixed item using the inherent link.

This gun safe is easy to set up. You don’t have to hire expert aptitudes to introduce it in your favored area inside the house.



Moutec Large Biometric Rifle Gun Safe


Moutec Large Biometric Rifle Gun safe is outstanding amongst other firearm cases to keep different sorts of weapons.

Also, It contains rich quality and rustproof steel. The wise innovation lessens the odds of burglary.

Likewise, Keen design and healthy development secure guns from children and hinder burglary. You can also utilize passwords during crises and dire circumstances.

This biometric rifle Safe allows you to store up to 7 rifles and a few handguns. During emergencies, speedy gun access immediately opens the safe with a unique biometric mark or a dependable code.

Further, this firearm safe doesn’t need to bother with any passwords. Due to mounting openings at the base and base part, make it is simpler to introduce this cabinet. In the box, you will discover batteries, grapple jolts, inside containers, and additional keys.

There is a guidance manual to assist you with the simple utilization of this bureau. Other than that, you can clean it with dry material or a brush.


  • Biometric Rifle Safe stores
  • instantly unlock the safe with biometric fingerprint
  • Smart technology
  • Tough and Rugged

Moutec Large Rifle Safe, Quick Five-access Gun safe


Moutec’s large gun safe comes with an exceptional metal weapon cabinet with a ton of exactness and care.

Thus, there is no space to question how they can protect their weapons. Bigger in size than the standard cupboards in the market.

Inside this, you can store up to 5 rifles without any problem. Just not weapons, even scopes, can be kept effectively and safely consistently.

Individuals who own rifles likewise keep little handguns and projectiles, so the brand has planned a different lockbox for keeping those other things. You can store guns, ammo, money, individual records, and foreign assets inside the vault.

Besides, you get Two extra reinforcement keys for the safe for additional security. Aside from those things, you can hide away to five shotguns and rifles serenely.

This Moutec rifle safe has 14-gauge steel, which is impressively acceptable at the value it offers. This sheltered entryway accompanies three locking deadbolts to secure any unapproved access and pry draw-in.

And Its solitary 88 pounds weight, so you can place this safely in a condo, room, storm cellar, or in any spot. Generally speaking, this is a superb weapon ok for home safeguards.


  • Pre-punched mounting holes
  • Easy attachment
  • Attached bolts
  • Tough and Rugged

RPNB Gun Security Safe with Biometric Fingerprint & Digital KeyPad


For those who own guns, safety is necessary, particularly if you have little investigating youngsters or other visiting kids who don’t comprehend the possible peril.

Placing your weapons in the safe is the best and most mindful approach to appropriately make sure about your small-sized guns in the home or office.

With the high-grade steel development, reliable locking component, exact fittings are practically difficult to get into with hand devices, ideal for safeguarding your standard measured gun, ammo, and different assets.

This gun cabinet considers fast access if there should arise an occurrence of a crisis. Besides, it includes a spring-stacked admittance entryway with a battery-fueled PIN code or Biometric Fingerprint that opens in a split second when composed accurately and sounds off a caution for invalid codes.

For included comfort, the safe’s pre-drilled gaps guarantee simple establishment on any rack, in a wardrobe, or cabinet for included security in the event of a break-in.

Up tp 500-DPI semiconductor biometric unique mark sensor. Huge limit with 20 individual fingerprints. Speedy and precise access.

However, the removable inside rack is ideal for putting away a subsequent handgun or different resources. Keep resources like money, wireless, international IDs, gun, Mastercard, watch, and adornments.


  • Gun Safe
  • Tough and Rugged
  • Rapid Pop Open Door
  • Mounting Hardware Included

Verifi Smart Safe, Biometric Gun safe


ZVETCO Verifi Smart firearm safe sudden spikes in demand for the most intelligent security equipment and programming.

This Biometric weapon safe stands apart for its active and bodied design, reliable, unique mark sensor, and standard USB interface.

Verify safe doesn’t utilize your typical unique thumb sensor, yet a high-esteem FBI-approved unique finger-print sensor uses 3D imaging innovation.

However, this smart, weapon safe is minimal yet enormous enough to oblige every one of your handguns and other little estimated resources.

What’s more, if you think you’ll need to supplant the batteries regularly, reconsider. This biometric weapon safe conveys long-lasting battery life because it can run on four standards “AA” batteries for quite a while.

And the unit sensor highlights LCD backdrop illumination, making it workable for you to utilize it in low-lit or dull spots. Besides, its shrewd biometric framework stores more than 40 distinct fingerprints. You can include the various fingerprints of the loved ones you trust.

That is not merely all. This unit is designed from strong steel, making it tough and reliable. Tragically, it doesn’t have the solidarity to oppose the impacts of fire and flood.


  • LED Adjustable Light

Gun Safes Under 500 | Buyers Guide

Firearm security is the primary need regarding your weapon safe; however, you might be searching for some other highlights or characteristics.

Consider this rundown while you’re shopping, as it might address a couple of things you haven’t considered.


Before choosing how large of a safe you need, look carefully at the space you need to store one. If you can deal with it, odds are you will have a reasonably sizable safe.

You are having a safe that can hold your guns and your essential individual things and adornments. Even if you buy more rifles or guns? Assuming this is the case, remember that while you’re taking a gander at the extra room of your weapon safe.


In actuality, the gun safe’s purpose is to ensure no one can touch the gun without permission if thieves may attempt to break into it while you’re nowhere to find out.

Therefore, the higher the steel measure, the more impossible it is that it has the option to infiltrate the outside of the safe. Steel comes in different qualities, yet for your firearm safe, attempt to remain at or over at least Eight Gauge.

Because the steel is almost impervious at this level, they won’t have the option to bore inside the safe.

Door Thickness

In a gun safe, the thickness of the door defines how strong it is. A thicker entry, particularly one estimated more than “5/17,” will keep robbers from having the option to impact or drill through it.

Additionally, keep watching out for doors produced using bits of steel as the metal twists invigorate it more while expanding fire assurance.


Bolts are the significant parts of a weapon safe are what shields the safe from opening. At the point when the lock is locked in, they slide to secure the door, reaching out from the entrance itself to the body of the safe.

Thick bolts are more sturdy; however, you likewise need various jolts. A few safes have two while some of them have up to 12 steel Bolts. For this situation, the more bolts, the merrier.

Locking System

If you likely need a weapon safe, that gives speedy admittance to your guns. For that, you need to take a gander at the distinctive locking instruments.

If fast access is a worry, and want to move away from physical key locks and conceivably even mix locks.

Many weapon safes under 500 offer biometric filtering; however, you can likewise find locks initiated through RFID signs or Bluetooth using cell phone applications.


Protecting your gun now and then methods something beyond securing it safely. Consider how simple that safe is to move. Will somebody gets it and wander off with it?

Even though a criminal might not have a way to break it in your home, they’re ready to take it back to their residence; they might have the option to get entrance.

While a potent weapon safe will forestall this, along these lines, as well, will one that accompanies mounts or stays. IF a safe without any mounting methods, contact the maker to check whether you can adjust it without voiding the guarantee.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Question

How Enormous of A Firearm Safe Do I Need?

You ought to consistently get a weapon safe that is greater than what you might suspect is suitable.

You may think you have a good knowledge of the substance that will go into that safe; however, think further. Imagine a scenario where you have to store something different in your safe, later on.

Would It Be Advisable For You To Store Ammunition In A Firearm Safe?

If you think your ammo is in danger from the standard components or that they may turn into a stifling peril for kids, don’t hesitate to store your ammunition in a weapon safe.

You can keep gun ammo in your firearm safe without much of a stretch, alongside the little handgun.

Which Is A Better Electronic Or Mechanical Lock?

A mechanical lock is one that expects you to work the safe, for example, physically, a dial lock. While mechanical locks are tough and can withstand harsh treatment, they can be somewhat moderate.

They likewise should be overhauled routinely. An electronic lock, then again, utilizes keypads and different parts to make up the lock.

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