Best Jigsaw Puzzles 2022

Jigsaw puzzles are a kind of puzzle that comprises a picture on the cardboard. The picture is cut into several small pieces. The pieces are of different sizes and shapes. The picture can be different in various types of puzzles. Mostly the manufacturer of the puzzle prints the art of famous artists or the photographs of well-known photographers on the cardboard. Enjoy your time with your friends by solving a jigsaw puzzle and playing music.

The goal of the puzzle is to find and connect each and every piece together. In the end, the picture will be visible to the puzzler. Mostly, people are confused about the purchase of an online puzzle because of less experience.

However, the reviews of the 10 jigsaw puzzles in 2021 will help and guide you to decide on one puzzle according to your desire amongst the ten. Don’t forget the Beyblade.

Best 10 Jigsaw Puzzles 2021

  1. Ravensburger Bizarre Bookshop 2
  2. Buffalo Games 1418 – Signature Collection
  3. White Mountain Puzzles Pencil Collage
  4. White Mountain Puzzles Best Places In The World
  5. Vermont Christmas Company San Francisco Trolley
  6. MasterPieces Cityscapes Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle, San Francisco, and California
  7. Cozy time 1000 Piece Puzzle for Adults – Difficult Donuts
  8. Bgraamiens Puzzle – Color Challenge Blue Board Round
  9. Cloudberries Botany
  10. Chicago Puzzle Co. Jigsaw Puzzles

Ravensburger Bizarre Bookshop 2


Ravensburger puzzle brand is famous worldwide. They have sold more than 1 billion puzzles. The jigsaw puzzle game is a well-known game.

The Ravensburger Bizarre Jigsaw puzzle comprises 1000 pieces that are crafted with high-quality.

Every piece of the puzzle is unique. Therefore, it will take you days to solve the puzzle. The surface of the board is Anti-glare, it is because they are developed with thick cardboard.

The most important component of the puzzle is the paper material. However, the material of the paper is structured with linen. 

Mostly, professional gamers or puzzle solvers solve a puzzle in some minutes or possibly hours. But the thousand unique pieces of the puzzle will take days to be solved. Every individual piece comprises a unique size and shape. The puzzle is hand-crafted with premium quality material, therefore, it is durable.

The pieces are precisely punched, which produces a click sound after a connection. It is one of the jigsaw puzzles, you are suggested to buy. Check out the description for more details.

Ravensburger Bizarre Bookshop 2 Features:

  • Thick and durable board
  • Precise Interlocking pieces
  • Hand Crafted for premium quality
  • Soft click Technology
  • Every piece is unique
  • Glare-free puzzle surface
  • Virtually no puzzle dust
  • The thick, durable puzzle board
  • Every piece fits together perfectly.


  • Colors are crisp and clean
  • The pieces fit together nicely
  • Best deep thinking


  • No serious cons

Buffalo Games 1418 Signature Collection


Buffalo is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of puzzles. Their puzzles are famous all over the world. They develop and manufacture a type of puzzle that is hard to solve and used durably.

This puzzle is based on the image of Cinque Terre, a beautiful place to visit. Therefore, it will be fun and joy in solving the puzzle.

The plus point of the puzzle is that comprises multiple color and unique pieces. It is complicated to solve, but it will look attractive after completion.Puzzle comes along 1000 pieces.

Manufacturing of this puzzle took place with hands. Therefore, the edges of each snap or piece are smooth and perfectly cut. Buffalo puzzles use a new cutting technique that makes every piece of the puzzle a perfect snap that fits correctly with each other.

Premium quality recycled cardboard pieces reside inside a box that ensures minimal specks of dust. A bonus or helping poster of the image is included with the puzzle. It will help and guide you in solving the puzzle. There is no plastic used in puzzles and puzzles package. All the manufacturing of pieces and packaging took place by recycling left materials.

Buffalo Games 1418 – Signature Collection Features:

  • Missing piece support: If one of the jigsaw puzzle pieces is lost, it will be replaced by the company of the puzzle.
  • Finished footprint: 26.75 x 19.75 inches
  • Made in the USA
  • Perfectly snapped
  • Less puzzle dust
  • Bonus Poster Included


  • Pieces fit well
  • The edges are smooth


  • Difficult to solve

White Mountain Puzzles Pencil Collage


White mountain pencil collage puzzles are advance, challenging, and difficult puzzle to solve. It comes along a thousand unique pieces that will take hours to be solved.

This puzzle is for adults and teenagers. Challenge your family and friend to complete the puzzle within an hour or two, they won’t be able to accomplish in the specified time.

The picture on which the puzzle is based on the collection of an advertising pencil that was created by Maureen Rupprecht (Artist). It is a daily use jigsaw puzzle.

The art jigsaw puzzles are fun and also complicated to solve. It will not be called a puzzle if it is easy to solve. Therefore, all kinds of puzzles including jigsaw are difficult and complicated to solve.

But it is solved at the end of the day. This puzzle is manufactured with fine quality material. From the intricate designs to the pieces of the puzzle the quality of the puzzle is appreciable. It is manufactured with recycled blue chipboard that is thick, large, and easy to pick and connect.

White Mountain Puzzles Pencil Collage Features:

  • Pieces: 1000
  • Layout: Horizontal
  • Dimensions: 30 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 1.39 pounds
  • Recommended age: Above 8 years
  • Made in the USA.
  • Advanced Challenge


  • ]It’s an attractive puzzle with great finished “looking” value
  • The pieces all come in a plastic bag, so there’s no oopsie opening the box
  • The puzzle box stand is a good idea


  • Many pieces are stuck together

White Mountain Puzzles Best Places In The World


Puzzle-solving is one of the fun and joyful game to play in free time. White mountain puzzles are famous, however, this one is the most-liked and demanded puzzle of all time.

Solving the puzzle is an art, it helps to sharpen up the memory and vision. It is not easy to solve a puzzle of such a huge amount of pieces in less time. However, it will take less time, if solved along with friends or family.

The bases of the puzzle are in the best places in the world. It includes pictures of all the famous places, like Taj Mehal, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Pyramids, Burj Al Dubai, etc. The images of the places are cartoonish. Therefore, it will develop the interest and enhance the information of the children.

This jigsaw puzzle is epic because it includes a useful puzzle box stand. This puzzle is perfect for the people that love travel, scenery, cool collages, and beautiful places. Check out the description to find more about the product.

White Mountain Puzzles Best Places In The World Features:

  • Design: Best places in the world
  • 1000 pieces puzzle
  • For children and adults
  • Puzzle Building
  • Thicker Larger Pieces
  • Easier to connect
  • Durable E-Z grip pieces
  • Fun for all friends and family.
  • Artist: Lewis T.Johnson’s


  • The box comes in sealed plastic
  • The pieces are sealed in a bag
  • Colorful pieces


  • The back of the piece gets torn

Vermont Christmas Company San Francisco Trolley


The Vermont Christmas Company is also a leading supplier of jigsaw puzzles. The quality and durability of their puzzle’s material are famous in the market.

This puzzle measure 30 x 24 inches after it is completed. The shape and size of the pieces are different and unique from each other. 1000 pieces puzzle is not easy to solve.

But one can accomplish the task along with their friends or family members. It is one of the jigsaw puzzles for sale in 2021.

This jigsaw puzzle comprises a unique artwork. The picture is of San Francisco Trolley. It is fun to solve and delightful to watch the puzzle getting complete. After the completion, a complete view of the San Francisco Trolley will be displayed in front of you. The quality of the cardboard is durable.

The size and thickness of the pieces are much wider than the normal puzzles cardboard. It is manufactured in the USA. The interlocking of the pieces ensures the best possible puzzle building experience.

Vermont Christmas Company San Francisco Trolley Features:

  • Durable Interlocking Pieces
  • Unique Artwork
  • 1000 Piece Puzzle
  • Weight: 1.72 pounds
  • Includes 1000 pieces
  • Made in the USA
  • Thick blue board material
  • Quintessential San Francisco puzzle!


  • The puzzle is so much fun
  • The pieces are interlocked well
  • Limited dust on the puzzle pieces


  • None

MasterPieces Cityscapes Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle, San Francisco, and California


According to the manufacturer, image is everything. MasterPieces is the most famous manufacturer of puzzles. The best fact about the products of MasterPieces is that they ensure the provision of the most popular and interesting theme from well-known artists.

The other important thing that matters is the quality of the cut. If the pieces are cut down with great care and technique then it will result in a great cut and dust-free pieces. It is one of the best adults-only jigsaw puzzles in 2021.

The size of the puzzle is different for various levels. Puzzlers are as different as the pieces in the box, therefore, the puzzle and its pieces should be of different sizes and shapes. It will improve the level of difficulty of the puzzle. MasterPieces is supplying puzzles, games, crafts, and toys for over 20 years.

Therefore, one cannot doubt the quality of the product from the famous brand. The style of the puzzle is the cityscape of San Francisco and California with the golden gate bridge in between. Check out the description for more details about the product.

MasterPieces Cityscapes Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle, San Francisco, and California Features:

  • San Francisco Bay Bridge puzzle
  • Made in the USA
  • 1000 pieces in finished 13-inch x 39-inch panoramic puzzle
  • Random cut puzzle pieces
  • Quality cut
  • Popular themes from premium exclusive artists.
  • Weigh of the product: 15.8 ounces


  • A perfect challenge
  • Unique Pieces


  • None

1000 Piece Puzzle for Adults – Difficult Donuts


The pieces of the puzzle are of different sizes and shapes. Therefore, it is much complicated to solve than normal puzzles. The design of the puzzle is for adults only. The difficulty is enhanced.

This puzzle comes in a 7.5” X 8” X 2.5” box and includes a full-color poster to assist in working the puzzle.

It is the most sold puzzle of a Cozytime manufacturer. Because the difficulty of a puzzle is preferable by the puzzlers. It is one of the most difficult jigsaw puzzles for adults.

There are 1000 of random, unique, colorful pieces of cardboard. The puzzle is hand-made, therefore, it is durable. The bonus of the puzzle is that it includes a poster that guides the puzzlers.

If the puzzlers lose a piece of the puzzle then it is replaceable. The brand ensures a lifetime free lost piece replacement. Therefore, it is a plus point for the puzzler. Check out the description for more details about the most difficult donuts jigsaw puzzle.

1000 Piece Puzzle for Adults – Difficult Donuts Features:

  • Lifetime free lost piece replacement
  • Large 27″ x 19″ size
  • Manufactured from thick, premium cardboard
  • 1,000 random, unique cut pieces
  • Bonus poster included


  • High Quality Material
  • 1000 unique pieces
  • Fun to solve


  • Difficult to solve

Bgraamiens Puzzle Color Challenge Blue Board Round


Bgraamiens puzzle always brings up advance and difficult challenges for the puzzlers. This is one a blooming color puzzle that is much challenging to complete.

There are 1000 pieces of different shapes and colors. And finding the perfect match among all the unique pieces is a difficult task to perform.

Every petal is different, it has a combination of two colors. It is a beautiful and yet most challenging work to do.

The material of the puzzle is a sturdy blue chipboard that is famous because of durable and dust-free material.  It is the most difficult puzzle to complete. However, for easy operation, the letters comprise a mark on the backside that helps to solve the puzzle easily. We should consider the price of jigsaw puzzles as free because such a difficult level puzzle is not available in the market for such a less price.

Bgraamiens Puzzle Color Challenge Round Features:

  • Easy Operation
  • More to Puzzle Building
  • 1000 Pieces of fun
  • Durable material
  • Sturdy Blue Chip Board
  • Multiple size and shape
  • Difficult to solve


  • The puzzle has a letter system for a little extra help
  • This is a fun puzzle and a good challenge level
  • The pieces are sturdy and a good medium thickness


  • No serious Cons

Cloudberries Botany


Cloudberries manufacturer often designs beautiful and interesting puzzle to solve. Botany puzzle is a bold jigsaw puzzle that is attractive and interesting to solve. But the difficulty in this puzzle is more than a normal puzzle.

This design is the artwork of Naomi Okubo, it features gentle color gradients and vivid flowers. This puzzle is for adults. It is perfect for any occasion and gathering with friends. This puzzle will entertain you.

The design of the puzzle took place in the UK and manufacturing occurs in Europe. The pieces of the puzzle are unique. It comprises a strong linen-coat with a premium matt finish. It is one of the jigsaw puzzles in 2020.

But if you are a beginner then the puzzle will be difficult for you to solve. You can practice for free on the jigsaw explorer puzzle. You can solve the botany puzzle after you complete some of the puzzles in jigsaw explorer. Check out the description of the product for more details. The details might help to make your mind up.

Cloudberries Botany Features:

  • Bold 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle
  • Artwork by Naomi Okubo
  • Vivid flowers and gentle color gradients
  • UK design and Europe manufacture
  • Size: 27″ x 19 ” (68×48.5cm)
  • No hassle return policy
  • Weight: 1.54 pounds


  • Amazing and challenging in some areas
  • Well packaging
  • Sturdy cardboard
  • A Simple box that looks amazing on any bookcase


  • None

Chicago Puzzle Co. Jigsaw Puzzles


Chicago puzzles manufacture puzzles that are charming, attractive, and fun to solve. They ensure the uniqueness of the pieces of the puzzle.

The shape and size of the parts are different from each other. This puzzle comes along 1000 pieces.

It is designed for adults. The style of the puzzle comes in the category of panorama collection. The color of the puzzle is bright enough to charm the senses.

A puzzle is the best pastime game that is still surviving in the 21st century. There are a lot of websites and applications that comprise Jigsaw puzzles for free download. But the joy of solving the jigsaw puzzle with friends and family is fantastic.

Therefore, most people still desire to play with thick cardboard pieces. The material of this puzzle is of high quality, it will last longer than the expectations. Check out the details for more information about the product.

Chicago Puzzle Co. Jigsaw Puzzles Features:

  • Visit Nyhavn District, Copenhagen
  • Clear Vibrant Image
  • 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Discover the Joy of Puzzle Building
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Fun for ages 14+
  • Challenging, Intricate Design
  • Large Poster Size
  • Made of Recycled Bluebeard


  • Clear Vibrant Image
  • Large Poster Size
  • Unique and Colorful Pieces


  • None

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If you are playing jigsaw puzzle on jigsaw explorer on the computer. You can rotate the puzzle using the right or left key or by using the scroll of the mouse. The feature of can only work if the user picks up the pieces with the help of the mouse.

How Can I Save A Puzzle In Jigsaw Explorer And Go On To Another?

Solving the jigsaw puzzle on jigsaw explorer is fun. Puzzle explorer automatically saves the current puzzle and you can return and work on them later. You cannot move on to the next before solving the current one. Once you completed the current puzzle, you can move on to the next one.

Where Is Microsoft Jigsaw In File Explore?

The Microsoft jigsaw is mostly in the C-drive of the file explorer. If you have downloaded the Jigsaw then go to the file explorer and in the top right corner search Microsoft jigsaw a folder will show up.

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