Best Lasers For Tattoo Removal 2022

Tattoo Removal Lasers are nowadays a popular trend used to replace the old fashion techniques such as smearing creams and surgery.  Both of them are time-consuming and extremely dangerous, with mostly ineffective results. Presently, beautifying formations apply laser tattoo removal to take away tattoos and leave no scars.

If you look at the past, people often used natural techniques or used tattoo creams. Even though they are inexpensive and suitable, these techniques still do not bring substantial results. And also, a possibility of damage and irritation to the skin. Therefore, they are gradually less chosen, particularly bold tattoos, in size.

The modern laser tattoo removal machine’s arrival has partially taken over the old tattoo removal methods. Also, it brings optimum effectiveness and protection to your skin. Most Spa and many renowned hospitals with dermatology specify in choosing Laser tattoo removal machines to remove tattoos.

When it comes to skin, you have to be very careful. It’s not like that you just go out there and buy the first laser you see.  A wrong device can permanently damage your skin tissue. To treat it, you need plastic surgery, which is exceptionally expensive. Therefore, it’s better to have the right laser machine.

Best 6 Lasers For Tattoo Removal

The tattoo removal machine is sought after by many saloons and hospitals because of its excellent features. And what are the best lasers for tattoo removal that everyone should care about? Considering that, we have explored and synthesized the top 6 best laser tattoo removal machines in 2021. Now let’s have a look!

  1. NEATCELL Picosecond Pen, Tattoo Eliminating, Scar Take off Machine
  2. Beemyi Handheld Blue Picosecond Pen Scar Tattoo Eliminating Pen
  3. Red Light Picosecond Pen Handheld Skin Tag Tattoo Speckles Mole and Spot
  4. HUKOER 3 Modes Portable Pen Pico Laser Remove for Moles and Dark Spot
  5. YOUTH Picosecond Pen Removing Tattoo
  6. AYNEFY 110V Handheld Skin Tag Tattoo Speckles Mole Picosecond Pen

NEATCELL Picosecond Pen, Tattoo Eliminating, Scar Take off Machine

NEATCELL Picosecond Pen | Best Lasers For Tattoo Removal

NEATCELL Picosecond Pen is a budget-friendly machine with plenty of functions that will make you feel satisfied. The energy discharged is stable and does not suffer as rapid energy increases while firing it consistently for a long time.

Likewise, the energy released in the form of a blue laser beam hits directly towards the affected portion of the skin. As a result, the pathological pigments can be absorbed by each laser head’s photovoltaic energy, growing, and breaking.

Since the machine has a compact design, you can take it anywhere, and also it will fit in a traveling bag. Plus, the affordable price makes it everyone’s favorite. I know you are worried if this machine is durable or not. This laser compact machine is made of premium and durable material so that you can use it with inner peace.

Moreover, you can use it for both commercial and home purposes. In terms of design, it offers four modes consistent with three different led light levels. You have many options to use. This laser machine is 100% skin-friendly. Besides, this machine is best for removing freckles and pigmentation, which are causing dark skin.

NETCELL laser machine comes with an official one-year warranty and a six-month refund policy if there are any faults. Therefore, you can buy it with inner peace of mind and it is the best lasers for tattoo removal.


  • Equipped in Light Tube Imported from Germany
  • Protection Wavelength Range: 300nm-480nm
  • Optical Density Od: od+
  • Promote Skin Metabolism and Reduce Melanin Deposits
  • Wide Customer Application Range
  • Hardly Produces Light and Heat Effect
  • Upgrade Operation Manual and Videos Links of How to Operate

Beemyi Handheld Blue Picosecond Pen Scar Tattoo Eliminating Pen

Beemyi Handheld Blue Picosecond Pen Scar | Best Lasers For Tattoo Removal

Usually, there is a common myth that the laser machine is bigger, but Beemyi Handheld Blue Picosecond Machine sets the new trend. This is the tiniest machine ever launched by NEOCELL.  You can take it anywhere. Design-wise this machine has an intense laser, which allows the user to remove any kind of tattoo.

For power, it has a standard USB Port, which is nowadays available in everyone’s house. But still, the package includes the Power Cable. The compact size of the machine doesn’t mean it will affect the performance. Maybe this machine is more compact in terms of size than other ones, but keep in mind when it comes to performance, it’s better than many bigger size laser machines out there in the market.

There are nine different modes available in the machine. You can select any of these modes ranging from light to dark depending on your tattoo ink. NEATCELL is a brand that is always worried about its user’s health, including complimentary eye protection glasses.

Due to the special technology German Made, it offers a completely safe experience. Similarly, this safe design lasers machine helps the users target accurately only the affected area of skin. Lastly, make sure when you are buying this product, you get the free eBook manual.


  • Keep the User’s Skin Safe and Normal
  • Almost Pain-free Experience
  • Robust and Rapid Energy Breaks
  • Promote Skin Metabolism and Reduce Melanin Deposits
  • More Stable Energy Output
  • Longer Life
  • Powered by USB Charging

Red Light Picosecond Pen Handheld Skin Tag Tattoo Speckles Mole and Spot

Red Light Picosecond Pen Handheld Skin Tag Tattoo | Best Lasers For Tattoo Removal

By seeing the name AngVin, we all know that using the Red-Light Picosecond Pen Handheld Skin means to break down the dark pigment into small pieces. It’s not wrong to say a small package with a feature list bigger than the machine’s size.

Since this portable laser machine doesn’t produce any harmful lighting and heating effect so don’t have to worry about any damage to the undamaged tissues. I assure you that even using this machine once will force you to fall in love with it. Please read the user manual carefully. It will assist you to learn how to use it.

Above all, this is a portable laser tattoo and mole removal machine with a handheld design that allows the user to take it anywhere. This machine aims to help the user dissolve melanin pigments, making them smaller and eliminating them.

This machine has 450nm, which is according to the standards range. So, it’s safe for human skin, and you will feel less pain. Until you have this effective and portable, you don’t need to worry about freckles and pigmentation, which cause dark skin.

Lastly, the Red-Light Picosecond Pen Handheld machine comes with a 1-year warranty and a 6-month policy, which wins the customer’s heart.


  • Removes Mole and Spot
  • Best Skin Tag Removal Pen
  • Little Bit Slow but Incredible Results
  • Won’t Any Harm A Single Skin Tissue
  • Powerful and Rapid Energy Breaks Down
  • Stylish and Portable Design

HUKOER 3 Modes Portable Pen Pico Laser Remove for Moles and Dark Spot

HUKOER 3 Modes Portable Pen Pico Laser Remove

If you run a spa or work at one, you must be familiar with the H HUKOER brand.  This Portable Pen Pico Laser by HUKOER is a lightweight and durable machine best for Remove for Moles and Dark Spot. Plus, it comes in a compact design, which means it can easily in your traveling beg and take it anywhere.

This leaser machine is for both professional and home used products. But I would recommend that you read the manual to avoid any mishap if you are using it for the first time. Otherwise, it’s safe to use.

Another best thing about this laser machine is 3 modes consistent with 4 different speeds. You can select one according to your tattoo ink intensity. The machine’s safe LED design will help you determine in which section you should apply the laser. Once you find out the affected area, you can use the laser on them to remove freckles and pigmentation, which were causing the dark skin.

Lastly, when purchasing the machine, you will be given an eye guard. The product utilizes a battery charger, so it is very efficient and convenient. Many clients trust this machine with the benefits of it.


  • Picosecond Pen Offer 4 Different Speeds And 3 Modes
  • Effectively Break Down Melanin into Fine Particles
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Picosecond Pen Made of Sturdy and Durable of Plastic
  • Rechargeable Batteries

YOUTH Picosecond Pen Removing Tattoo

YOUTH Picosecond Pen Removing Tattoo | Best Lasers For Tattoo Removal

You can indeed get rid of skin flaws easily with a mole remover pen from OUR YOUTH. What’s great is that it treats numerous skin issues such as unwanted color tattoos, freckles, acne, and marks. This multi-level tattoo removal pen we would like to recommend is also meant for use at home to zap the old board too.

Most machines available in the market either peel the skin or the process is very painful. On the other hand, the YOUTH means removing a tattoo painlessly and may only cause a transitory, stinging sensation.

You will get a Picosecond Pen, Power Cord, English Manual, and complementary Safety Glasses in the kit. This machine offers a 9-speed adjustment and 4 adjustable intensity options. The mode you select to use will hang on on the skin concern you want to treat. With a 9-speed adjustment provided, you get the opportunity to use it on every type of skin.

Design-wise this product is very easy to use. It only has three buttons covering all the necessary navigation, such as power, intensity levels, and speed adjustment. Similarly, the LCD screen on the front screen will talk about the battery life, selected level, and other relevant information.


  • 9 Levels Frequency And 4 Level Energy Intensity
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Powerful and Fast Energy Directly Splits the Melanin
  • Equipped with Imported Germany Light Tube
  • 1 Years Warranty
  • 60 Days Money-Back Service
  • 100% skin Friendly
  • Powered by A USB Charger

AYNEFY 110V Handheld Skin Tag Tattoo Speckles Mole Picosecond Pen

AYNEFY 110V Handheld Skin Tag Tattoo

For our 6th product recommendation, we have so far, another super-effective AYNEFY 110V Handheld tattoo removable tag pen. This is also a multi-purpose product that you can use to treat skin problems. What makes this machine different can also treat aging signs, such as deep wrinkles and widened pores. However, it is most useful for Speckless Mole, Skin Tag, and Tattoos.

Additionally, you will get a Picosecond Pen, Protective Eyeglass, Power Adapter, Repairment Patch, and English User Manual in the packaging. High-quality ABS and electronic components manufacture the picosecond pen.

This tattoo removal has a blue LED light with four energy intensity modes and nine frequencies. The pulse width is petite, and it barely produces light and heat effects. It can directly break down dark pigment with powerful and rapid energy to recover the skin.

Above all, this machine ensures fewer treatment times with safe and effective results. The product is widely applicable to customers, and long-term use will make a sure more pronounced effect. As a result, it’s more durable and safer.


  • Short Pulse Width
  •  Hardly Produce Light and Heat Effect
  • Powerful and Rapid Energy
  • Breaks Up Dark Pigment Directly
  • Fewer Treatment Times and Better Results
  • No Damage to The Skin Tissue
  • Wide Customer Application Range
  • More Durable and Safe 

Buyers Guide

There are plenty of things which you should consider before buying Best Lasers for Tattoo Removal. Below I have highlighted a few things which will help you to get a better understanding based on features.


Portability is the one most crucial factor you need to ensure. Also, it’s an Era of compact devices. A portable laser means you have easily put it in your bag and travel around every corner of the world.

Easy To Use

We all are too busy to understand complicated things regarding these devices. If you are professional, then it doesn’t matter which device you pick. On the other hand, if you are a beginner, then go for the device that is easy to use; otherwise, things will worsen.

Strength Settings

Another vital factor is strength settings. Every person has a different skin from another one. Also, some tattoos require low intensity of laser while others require a higher intensity.  Having an adjustable strength laser means you can use it for every skin and tattoo.

Power Source

The tattoo removal pens are not wireless, while some of them are cordless. Their battery capacity is subject to the product you are using and the time on your skin consumes.


I would suggest you go for the best device that gives us the fewest and most effective treatment. As a result, your time and energy will be saved. An efficient machine means less time on the skin, which means pain for less time.

Frequently Asked Question

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Throughout a laser tattoo removal process, the expert directs a laser over the tattoo. Like a laser pointer that produces a constant beam of light, tattoo removal lasers have light energy pulses. Every pulse of energy penetrates the skin, and tattoo ink particles absorb the energy. As a result, they heat up and then break up into tiny fragments.

Things You Should Know Before Doing Laser Tattoo Removal?

  • Time Taking Process: There is no magic wand that removes the tattoo with a blink of an eye. Just like the tattoo takes time to get in, the same goes for removal.
  • Sessions: Tattoo removal is a long process, and your skin needs time to heal. So, you must expect sessions.
  • Pre-Existing Condition: Caution for those who have pre-conditions like pregnancy, baby feeding, and Accutane are not recommended to have the laser treatment.
  • Every Tattoo is Unique: Every artist has its own applying style and uses different inks. So, two cases are never alike to each other.

Which Type of Laser Is Best For Tattoo Removal?

If you want a rapid result, fewer treatments for pointedly less downtime and pain throughout, then go for Picosecond laser.

What To Expect From A Laser Removal?

  • Visible Changes: Laser tattoo removal may darken or lighten your affected part of the skin.
  • Irritation: There are possibilities that you may experience discomfort, redness, or swelling. However, these things are temporary; within a few hours, you will feel normal.

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