Best Log Splitter For Under $1000

Best Log Splitter For Under $1000 2021

 Log splitter, or you can say woodcutter, must be kept in the collection of home stationery items. You might be thinking, what is the purpose of maintaining the wood splitters. Here we narrate some of the reasons that will tell you why you should have woodcutters or log splitters in your home. You might be looking for the best log splitter for under $1000. If your answer is yes, congrats, we are going on the right track. We are right here to guide you throughout this search journey.

Reasons You Should Keep Log Splitters At Home

You must have log splitters in the home, keeping in view the following vital points and reasons. Hopefully, you might agree with the key issues that we are going to state here.

  • Your lawn is getting messy because of outgrown trees.
  • You want to clean your property by yourself via inexpensive methods.
  • Your back might hurt because of the hard work you put in.
  • The trees in your lawn grow with the thick and sturdy woods.
  • The trees are moist, yet they are not easy or quick to cut into pieces.

You must know that the wood of a tree can be divided into two categories, namely softwood trees, and hardwood trees. So yes, depending upon the trees’ thickness and density in your lawn, you can select the suitable log splitter to perform your job quickly and fastly. That must not demand you too much effort to put in.

Last but not least, here, we will enlist and narrate some of the top-rated log splitters that might serve your purpose within budget-friendly rates. Hopefully, you might enjoy the sturdy yet long-lasting and durable quality. You can also provide us with your feedback and again ask any of the queries you want to ask. 

In short, you will get all your desirable qualities and attributes in these wood cutting and log splitting devices. If you are not happy, you can also avail of the safe and secure cash back warranty service on time with low-cost shipping charges.     

Best Log Splitter Under $1000

Okay, here we go with enlisting and describing the top-ranked log splitter that you might use effortlessly and also appreciate the quality. And the working potential is excellent yet outstanding for sure.

  1. Powerhouse Electric XM-380 hydraulic Log cutter, 7-Ton.
  2. Southland power device SELS60 electric log cutter 6 ton.
  3. WEN 6.5 ton electric log cutter black colored.
  4. Champion compact horizontal log cutter auto return.
  5. EARTHQUAKE 5-ton log splitter 1500 watt electric motor sturdy transport wheels.
  6. Stark 7 ton industrial electrical log cutter 15 Am built-in wheels.
ImageName DimensionsPrice
Powerhouse electric XM-380 hydraulic Log cutter, 7-TonPowerhouse electric XM-380 hydraulic Log cutter, 7-Ton38.19 x 11.81 x 19.29 inches. Check price
Southland power device SELS60 electric log cutter 6 tonSouthland power device SELS60 electric log cutter 6 ton37.72 x 11.81 x 18.5 inches. Check price
WEN 6.5 ton electric log cutter black coloredWEN 6.5 ton electric log cutter black colored38.5 x 28.25 x 39.25 inches. Check price
Champion compact horizontal log cutter auto returnChampion compact horizontal log cutter auto return53.1 x 23.6 x 18.1 inches. Check price
EARTHQUAKE  5 ton log splitter 1500 watt electric motor sturdy transport wheelsEARTHQUAKE 5 ton log splitter 1500 watt electric motor sturdy transport wheels40.5 x 13.9 x 18.1 inches. Check price
Stark 7 ton industrial electrical log cutter 15Am built in wheelsStark 7 ton industrial electrical log cutter 15Am built in wheels40 x 20.5 x 14 inches. Check price

 Powerhouse Electric Xm-380 Hydraulic Log Cutter, 7-Ton

 Powerhouse Electric Xm-380 Hydraulic Log Cutter, 7-Ton

You need to split thick or thin wood for multiple purposes? And you are looking for the electric log splitter? Okay, cool, you are at the right place. It is not an easy task to cut the wood into slices by hand via axes. You require some heavy-duty electric equipment for making your tasks easy and effortless.

So yes, here we present you with this domestically functional electric log splitter smart device. That will make your task easy and painless. You are here going to deal with the powerhouse electric hydraulic log cutter. The device is wise to carry, and it exhibits only a 7-ton lightweight body.

Moreover, the device is portable, and you can easily carry it from place to place for performing your heavy-duty wood cutting tasks. You can notice in detail the product represents hydraulic startup settings and electric system to run. So yes, you might enjoy using this effortless, fast working machine.

This log cutting machine is also available at very user-friendly rates that might save your budget cut plans and schemes. The next thing you will study is the wooden cutting potential yet the capacity to split wood into pieces and slides. This machine presents a half-inch length and 12-inch diameter.

The total weight of this electric motor is only 104 lbs. It works on a hydraulic system. You can also give us your reviews and ask any of your queries that you want to ask.

Powerhouse Electric Log Cutter Features:

  • 94.8 pounds weight.
  • Lightweight metallic body.
  • Seven tons are splitting power.
  • Horizontal cutting.
  • Portable and easy to transport.

Southland Power Device Sels60 Electric Log Cutter 6 Ton

Southland Power Device Sels60 Electric Log Cutter 6 Ton

We are moving towards the following user interactive item that might inspire you and motivate you to buy it for you and your loved ones in the family. This electric log splitter might reduce your burden of woodcutting tasks. And it would concentrate your efforts to cut wood logs into pieces and slides. Here we go by discussing the features and characteristics of the long-lasting yet durable log splitter.

Here you can see in images the smart yet weightless and easy to carry wood splitter that is up here at very user-friendly rates. The user interactive rates would save your budget cut plans and schemes. You might enjoy and love working with this heavy-duty HP electric gadget that works on hydraulic and electric power.

You can now complete your wood cutting tasks effortlessly within a few hours. There is no pain, and yes, here we go. Your work ends in a few hours. To be noted, this device takes only 18 seconds of cycle time. Furthermore, you will notice the seven wheels that are up here in the construction process.

Also, the working of this electric log cutter device is effortless yet user-friendly. But yes, we also present you with the user manual to illustrate the working process in a step-by-step method for your convenience.

We hope you will enjoy your experience with this device, but we were expecting you could send us your reviews and feedback. Also, you can ask us if something is still unclear or ambiguous to you.


  • 104.8 pounds total weight.
  • 15oo watts electric motor.
  • Portability.
  • User-friendly operation.
  • Five tons of electric power.

Wen 6.5 Ton Electric Log Cutter Black Colored

Wen 6.5 Ton Electric Log Cutter Black Colored

It would help if you kept in your mind the weightless and competent to carry a log cutter whenever you go out to look for a purposeful wood splitter. Okay, here we will present with you the very inexpensive yet easy to carry domestic log cutter to ease your search. Here we illustrate the features of the WEN 6.5 ton electric log cutter. That is, you can understand from its name that it is very light in weight.

Also, this device is ingenious and easy to carry from place to place to serve you for a long-lasting time. The durable yet sturdy and robust material is up here in the fabrication process to help you extend-lasting services. Hopefully, you might enjoy the service and also tell us about your experience with these electric gadgets.

To be noted, the log cutting pressure is a high potential which is possible because of a 15A electric motor that provides you the power of about 13000 pounds. Yes, for sure, you can use this electric power log splitter to split your wood logs into bright and accurate-sized pieces.

You will deal with the portable log cutter that exhibits both stand-able and without standing usage. It depends upon the user’s needs and preferences how they want to use this log cutter. You can study the 5.5 inches pull-up handle in detail that makes it easy for you to transport and carry this device from place to place.


  • 143.3 net weight.
  • 7-ton log cutting power.
  • Auto return valve.
  • Two-year warranty.
  • Hydraulic oil.

Champion Compact Horizontal Log Cutter Auto Return

Champion Compact Horizontal Log Cutter Auto Return

You want to buy the electric log cutter, and when you go out shopping, you might select the portable and innovative device to carry. Here we share with you the excellent product that might solve all your troubles and solve your worries. You can now cut and split the wood logs effortlessly and spend only a few hours. I hope you would like this electric device and also share your valued feedback.

Moreover, the device exhibits only 7 tons of weight that is easy to carry and work. You can see in the image the extended arms along with this device that makes it easy for you to transport and carry this woodcutter quickly. That makes your log splitting task easy, effortless, and less time taking. 

The next thing that is user interactive and that might inspire you is the user-friendly budget-saving rates. And also, you might enjoy and appreciate the discount deals along with promo code offers.

Moreover, you will study in detail the 80cc engine that is up here to provide you with the powerful electric motor that runs this wood splitter.

Last but not least, you might enjoy the 20 seconds cycle time and the secure cash back warranty. For instance, you are not happy with this device, or if you get the wrong parcel, you can surely return this product timely. But one thing you must note that cashback returns are available only for a limited time.


  • 98 pounds net mass.
  • Thirteen thousand pounds wood splitting pressure.
  • 15A electric motor.
  • Ten inches long splitting potential.
  • 5.5 inches wheels.

Earthquake 5 Ton Log Splitter 1500 Watt Electric Motor Sturdy Transport Wheels

Earthquake 5 Ton Log Splitter 1500 Watt Electric Motor Sturdy Transport Wheels

It would help if you cut several logs consuming less time, then you must be seeking something heavy-duty wood splitter. Here we go with this durable yet long-lasting woodcutting gadget that is available at very inexpensive rates. So, that you can facilitate your budget cut plans and schemes with budget-friendly rates. Here we go by displaying the EARTHQUAKE 5 TON SPLITTER ELECTRIC MACHINE. Hopefully, you might enjoy and love the purposeful features.

This device is available here at very user-friendly rates along with attractive discount rates and package deals. You can see that strong and sturdy material is here to give you extended-lasting services in the fabrication process. Here you also study the 1500 watt power supply to run this electric device.

Moreover, you can see the electric motor displays a 5-ton weight, and also it shares a hydraulic system. You can see how powerful and quick this electric machine is to give you fast services.

The high rate vibrations might make your work easier to manage, and use the wood splitter failed to do your job within a few hours. And here we go, all your work completes within a couple of hours.

Moreover, you can also avail yourself of safe and secure cashback. If you are not okay with the device again, you can let us know. We always appreciate your feedback and reviews that you give us about the product’s services and its quality.


  • Total mass 105.8 pounds.
  • Woodcutter represents a Splitting power of about 6 tons.
  • Cycle time about 18 sec.
  • Maximum portability via seven wheels.
  • Portable and lightweight to carry.

Stark 7 Ton Industrial Electrical Log Cutter 15am Built In Wheels

Stark 7 Ton Industrial Electrical Log Cutter 15am Built In Wheels

Okay, now move towards our final product that is up here to give you long-lasting yet durable services. You might enjoy this industrial electrical log splitter that is durable yet long-lasting and reliable in services. You might give a positive response to the trustworthy good quality with the break-free material.

Moreover, you will enjoy this ideal device as woodcutting fast and quick equipment that you can use for extended-lasting services and durable trustworthy performance. Not only does this device look friendly and aesthetic, but also it exhibits the best performance yet extended functionality. You are  about to deal with the large and big wheels for better transportation purposes.

Also you can also interact with the grp handle that will provide you the ease and convenience to use this user-friendly electric motor device. You can also avail of the safe and secure money-back warranty available only for a limited time.

The device is ideal for domestic use, and it will give you long-term durable service with ultimate splitting power. The net weight of the product is about 7 tons, and the fabrication stuff is waterproof. Last but not least, it represents 1500w power to avail the heavy-duty service. 

But if you do not like this product very much or receive the wrong item, we will facilitate you with a product replacement service. You can also tell us about your reviews and feedback regarding the product’s service or the quality of this woodcutting splitter.


  • 103.4 pounds weight.
  • 3.5 HP electric power motor.
  • 7tons wood splitting power.
  • Affordable rates.
  • Hydraulic portable body.

Things That You Must Count Before You Go For The Best Log Splitter Under $1000

Okay, here we discuss the salient features and key points that you should always keep in your view whenever you go shopping for the best log splitters or, say, woodcutters. Firstly you must be aware of the type of wood. You have to cut the thick wood logs; then, you need a high-potential wood splitter.

And if you know the trees in your garden or lawn grow thin wood, you can easily make use of the log splitter with low potential. In fact, the type of cutter depends upon the thickness and hardness of the wood.

Okay, here we will enlist the commonly existing features you can see in all the products mentioned above. Hopefully, you might enjoy your experience with these devices, and also, we were hoping you could share your reviews with us.

  • Quality and working performance.
  • Affordability.
  • Smart-looking, lightweight body.

Quality And Working Performance

You can see in images and presume that these wood cutting logs’ quality is hugely user pleasing and trustworthy. You might experience and enjoy the reliable service that is possible because of the imported quality material. Also, you can suggest these purposeful durable electric devices to your loved ones for domestic purposes.

Moreover, we hope that the electric motors in the fabrication process will generate a fast working environment. And yes, now you do not need to worry about the tiredness and exhaustion you faced before buying this electric equipment as you know that wood cutting needs too much of your energy and efforts.


We now talk about the next user-interactive feature that is also mutually existing in all above given electric gadgets. You might even agree with the conclusion that affordability is the factor that attracts all of us. You can also interact with the customers; attractive discount offers, promo code deals, and packages yet.  For instance that progressively upgrades on all of these products on a monthly and yearly basis.

Not only are reasonable rates available, but also you can enjoy the low maintenance charges on all these devices. And you can experience the shipping charges are very budget-saving. Moreover, here we also present you with the safe and secure cash back warranty that is up here on all these electric equipment.

Furthermore, we present you with budget-friendly products and the quality of these gadgets is excellent.

Smart Looking, Weightless Body

The following user-friendly thing you might enjoy and appreciate is the smart-looking, lightweight, aesthetically cool electric devices. That is right here in the best fabrication stuff to give you long-lasting, durable service. So yes, now you can cut the wood logs for various purposes via these bright and easy-to-carry gadgets that are up here at very reasonable rates.

Moreover, you might give the thumbs-up reaction for pretty sturdy and vital body parts.  In fact, we are waiting here for your feedback and reviews about these aesthetically excellent woodcutters’ quality yet service. Last but not least that represents with you the innovative smart functioning technology.

 To view all the above features and attributes, you must go for these user-friendly yet domestically friendly electric equipment. In short you can share these products with your loved ones and those in your friend’s circle who are yet very close to your heart.

Faqs About The Best Log Splitter Under $1000

Are These Items Durable Yet Long-Lasting?

  • In fact, these log cutters are durable and long-lasting.

Do All This Wood Splitters Present Folding Up Feature?

  • No, not folding up feature is available in these woodcutters.

Do These Log Splitters Come Up With Hydraulic Oil?

  • Yes, hydraulic oil is present in these log splitters.

Do These Log Cutter Work Well In Extremely Cold Weather?

  • Yes, these log splitters work well in cold weather.

What Is The Time Limit For Warranty?

  • You can use the warranty service with one year of purchase.
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