Best Mountain House Meals 2022

Going outdoor and discovering a new place could be an outstanding experience. With the best mountain house meals, you can double the touring experience with your friends & family or even alone. Getting time from your busy work routine could be challenging, and when finally, you got time to go out, this should be an outstanding tour to forget about workload.

Best Mountain House Meals

Food is the necessity of human beings, and as a human, we want to stay healthy to move actively. Therefore, the mountain house has combined some survival tools for all of us to go out without worrying about cooking food.

Whether you want to go hiking, biking, mountain climbing, or any other outdoor activity, the best and high-protein meal helps you stay strong and enjoy the recreational activity. Without food and energy, you cannot run for miles. For this purpose, a high-carb and protein meal will be perfect for you.

In other words, all outdoor activity takes a physical force to come to the finishing line. Although a simple change of environment helps you learn new and broaden your mind, you want a meal to refill when your energy is lost. As a result, the best survival food kit will be your best friend at that time.

Backpacking traveling does not allow you to take all with you, but the lightweight and portable things would not load your shoulders. These foods often lightweight and freeze; you do not have to bring all other cleaning and cooking materials with you. The portable and versatile pouches help you to make your meal without any formality. 

Mountain house, one of the most famous brands is making freeze-dried products for nearly 50-year and started the mission to serve all adventures and backpackers. Because of the convenience, all hiker, climber, camping love to do backpacking tours.

Overall, going away from home with a lot of facilities would not make you feel homesick. Feel free and enjoy a wonderful experience with friends or even alone.

List of the Best Mountain House Meals

Surviving in a complex situation without food could be an impossible task for all of you. But obsessed with touring the villages and mountains where there is no food.

Here is some of the survival food list which you should bring with you to stay healthy.

  1. Mountain House 3-Days Food Supply
  2. Expedition Bucket Freeze and Dried Food
  3. Mountain House Beef Stew
  4. The Mountain House Cooked Diced Chicken
  5. Mountain House Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
  6. Mountain House Beef Stroganoff with Noodles

Mountain House 3-Days Food Supply

Mountain House 3-Day Emergency Food Supply

As a backpack hiker, you probably feel exhausted after hiking long and crave some food to regain energy. The mountain house food package helps you make your three times meal easy in the middle of the hill station.

Mountain house’s 3-days meal contains breakfast, lunch, and dinner for one person. Emergency food supply design for you to offer 1706 calories per day. If you are planning to go hiking alone for 3-days, this package is perfect for you. Moreover, you need 12 cups of water to prepare all the meals available in this kit.

All food is organic and flavor-free. The food is not made of artificial flavors and colors. The meal contains Biscuits &Gravy, Granola with Milk & Blueberries, Chicken Fried Rice, Chicken & Dumpling, Beef Stroganoff & Noodles. Besides, you do not need to bring plates with you; add the hot water to the pouch, and your quick meal is ready to eat!

You can have made it at room temperature. Mountain house meal is portable and compact; you can store it in your backpack. Take less space in your bag. Perfect for survival food. On top of that, a 30-year taste guarantee delivers fresh and tasty food to you. No matter where you bring this food, the meal is carefully frozen and dry to keep it fresh. Mountain package is excellent for everyday use. The ingredient is chosen very carefully to have a fresh, tasty meal outdoors or even in your home kitchen.


  • 1706 Calories per day
  • 9 total meal
  • Weight 3.6lbs
  • Shelf-stable

Expedition Bucket Freeze and Dried Food

Expedition Bucket Freeze Dried Backpacking

Camping with friends for the first time could be a fantastic experience. But cooking in the camp kitchen with no cooking knowledge makes it harder for you to prepare a meal after a long day of activity.

Thanks to this expedition Bucket, you can have a meal anytime you feel hungry with a ready-to-eat dinner. Bucket consists of 12 total meal pouches that contain incredibly delicious flavors. In addition, this 12 meal bucket can serve up to 24 servings closed to backpackers. All the meals are free from artificial flavors or colors.

Meals included 3x beef Stew, 3x Beed Stroganoff, Granola with Milk & Blueberries, Classic Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, and Chicken Fried. You need to add hot water to the pouch, and your meal is ready within ten minutes. However, bringing plates and a bowl could be difficult or carry a lot of space in your bag.

The pouch is wider enough and provides you a portable bowl, so you do not need to bring one with you. Bring 18 cups of water with you to ready the meal. Add water into the pouch, and your quick meal is ready to serve.

Not only this but also the food is preserved into the pouches to lock in nutrient & freshness. Lightweight and compatibility make you fall in love with this food package.


  • Weight 5.7lbs
  • 24 servings
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • 30-year shelf life

Mountain House Beef Stew

Mountain House Beef Stew Freeze Dried Backpacking

As an outdoor adventurer, you love exploring hill stations, caves, and places with no population. Heading to such sites where food and water are not available, you have to bring food and water.

If you do not know how to cook, you do not need to worry about it. The mountain house food pack provides you all that you need for your healthy meal.  All-natural beef, potatoes, peas, and carrots are available in the package. No refrigeration is required to keep the feed fresh. Additionally, if you have a gluten allergy, this pack is gluten-free and does not contain any artificial flavor and colors. Do not worry about your health issue; this food would not ruin your health. Get your meal with a free mind and enjoy it in the middle of the cave or the hill station.

What you need for preparing food is hot water. However, cleaning utensils after eating is a difficult task for you. Add hot water to the pouch; do not need any equipments at all. The bag is enough to carry the meal properly. Eat from the pouch and save yourself from extra cleaning space.  

Therefore, you can carry this lightweight food kit with you to go camping or long hiking. Access the food anywhere anytime without stressing about cooking or cleaning up things. Healthy and delicious food is all you need to stay active while enjoying the best time out.


  • Recyclable pouches
  • Gluten-free
  • Natural ingredients
  • Less than 10 min to prep
  • 2-serving per package

Mountain House Cooked Diced Chicken

Mountain House Cooked Diced

Camping with family is incredibly amazing to reconnect with them after a long working time. Parents go to work, and children busy at school camping bring closeness with them. Either it is planned or unplanned the cooked diced chicken pack help you to prep meal for your children in the outdoor kitchen.

Free from all allergies, no chemicals and colors are added. The natural taste in nature makes you feel relaxed during vacation. If your children love to eat chicken, this is the best quick-ready chicken. For this, you need to add water to it, and your readymade chicken is ready to eat. You do not need to struggle in an outdoor kitchen.

Use your camping as an excuse to teach your children skills instead of wasting time cooking staff and dealing with other chores you often do in your home kitchen. Convenient food is design for you to eat whenever you and your children feel hungry.    

Whether you want chicken soup or chicken stew, the diced chicken serves you in the best way. During evening time, you love to have a soup which gives you relaxation as well as energy. Add the diced chicken in boiled rice or whatever you crave to it conveniently.

This diced chicken is made with proper care, so your feeding investment would not go wrong. Not only is it delicious but easy to prepare no matter where you are.


  • ¾-cup serving
  • Allergens Proof
  • Total 170 Calories
  • 25g protein

Mountain House Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

 Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

Planning to go on an excursion with your friends and family helps you to explore some new areas. If your children crave to have ice cream during the trip, bring this chocolate ice cream with you.

This could be a quick dessert or snack for kids as well as for adults. The tasty mint contains ice cream with chocolate chip between two pure chocolate wafers. In addition, you do not need a fridge to keep the ice cream cool and fresh. Mint ice cream would not drip on your shirt so enjoy it without disturbing you. Also, it would not make a mess in your bag.

However, each pouch contains one ice cream sandwich; bring as many as you want for your children. Ready to eat right after opening the ice cream. The recyclable pack would not cause any harm to the environment and reduce the amount of waste.

Mint ice cream has a 2-year shelf life; feel free to eat it whenever you crave dessert after dinner or as an evening snack. Perfect for outdoor recreational activity or adventure. This lightweight and delicious snack need water to enjoy every sweet bite.

Make this essential dessert for you when you head to outdoor activity. Great for your outdoor activity. Although outdoor activity is a physical activity with a convenient dessert, you do not have to feel the craving for sweet things on your tour.


  • 140 Calories
  • Serving Size 1
  • Shelf life 3-year
  • Quick prep
  • No refrigerator needed

Mountain House Beef Stroganoff with Noodles

House Beef Stroganoff with Noodles

Heading to a new place helps you to come across beautiful nature. Instead of wondering about nature while sitting indoors, go out and enjoy the beef stroganoff with noodles that give you a wonderful heavy lunch during the daytime.

You energized yourself while exploring nature and valleys. Mountain classic meal should be your priority when heading to a place where foods and restaurants are unavailable. Furthermore, it offers to warn, convenient, and quick meal when you need food while touring around a new area. All the ingredients are added very carefully to deliver a fresh and nutrient full meal.

Mountain beef meal consists of Beef, noodles, mushrooms, milk, onions, and a lot of garlic to add a flavor. The most important thing is noodles full of carbs and beef full of proteins, which means you can get a healthy meal anytime.

Away from home, sometimes realize homesickness because of fresh food, the mountain house provides you similar food you eat at your home. You do not need to feel away from home and enjoy a great time with friends. Net weight is 4.8 OZ. Make it easy to pack and carry.

Similarly, this freeze-dried meal needs water to be ready for you. Add water and enjoy a quick meal without any effort. Going outside, whether it is for fun or work-life, would not make you feel week. Bring this healthy meal with you and have it anytime you want it.


  • 260 Calories
  • Lightweight
  • Healthy ingredients
  • Two and a half-cup serving
  • 30-year taste guarantee

Buyer Guides About the Best Mountain House Meals

Bringing food ingredients and utensils with you when you are going on an outdoor tour could be challenging if you eat well and tour around actively.

Here some of the factors that you need to look at before adding food to your survival kit.


The most important factor is food taste. If you are in an emergency place and trying to survive, then the taste would come at the end. But in the middle of beautiful scenes, you should add those meals which contain delicious and fresh taste. Choose the feed which you can enjoy while eating.


 A crucial consideration to be healthy while discovering different places. Check the value of proteins and carbs so that you can get energy from the food. High carbs and protein provide greater energy that helps to tour around actively. Some food that contains carbs gives you energy fast when you are feeling low.

Easy Preparation

You need to look at whether you can prepare food without any utensils. A quick and easy meal would not waste your time cooking and other staff we usually do in our home. Simple preparation steps make it possible to have a meal anywhere you want.

Rather than searching for restaurants and cafes, you should bring the food. As a result, boiling water and pouring is more straightforward than searching for food corners while your energy is lost.

Allergy-Free products

Before buying a survival meal, make sure that you do not have a particular type of allergy to food. Try to opt for natural organic food instead of artificial flavor or colored food. A natural and healthy food would not impact your health and give you the power to move around the village.

Pouch or Can packing

The mountain house meal is available in both packs and is very convenient to make food in it. If you are going alone, then the pouch is more suitable for you. Otherwise, the can make the best food prep for a family outing.

FAQ’s About the Best Mountain House Meal

What are emergency food rations?

  • They are the food that people store to survive in a difficult situation.
  • These are ready-to-eating meals and freeze-dried ingredients that contain long shelf life.

What food can we bring as survival storage?

  • Dried pasta and meals, dry beef and noodles, powdered milk, etc.
  • Another freeze-dried meal you can store while traveling, such as Ice cream, Beef with noodles and milk, etc.

Why should we need to buy survival foods?

  • When you go to a place where food is not available, and you need to keep in energy, then bring a survival food to help you eat.
  • Not only this but also climbing on the top of the mountain can low your energy. For this survival, quick-prep food helps you to get your energy back and do exploring more actively.

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