Best Rear View Mirror Camera 2022

The best way to stay safe while driving is by using a rearview mirror camera. Traditional mirrors will leave you with an unsafe blind spot and can’t estimate how close or far away from another car may be, but this problem was solved when dashcams arrived on the scene!

Installing a rear view mirror camera will make backing out of your driveway or changing lanes much safer. The best part about it is that you can watch all of this happen in real-time on-screen, without having to turn around!

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List of Top Rear View Mirror Camera in 2021

  1. Enhanced Night Vision with Sony Starvis Sensor Rear View Mirror Camera
  2. Waterproof 1080P Rear Camera Rear View Mirror Camera for Car 
  3. Rear Dual Dash Camera for Cars Rear View Mirror Camera
  4. Front Camera, and 720P Rear View Recorder Dash Camera with LDWS
  5. Full HD WDR Night Vision Rear View Dual Lens 
  6. Laminated and Anti-Glare Rear Camera with Night Vision 9.35″ 
  7. 1296P HD Waterproof Back up Car Camera 170° Wide Angle
  8. Rear Camera Stream Media Car Camera with WDR

Rear View Mirror Camera, Enhanced Night Vision with Sony Starvis Sensor


The best rear view mirror dash cam waterproof backup camera is very useful for car users. This camera consists of 2.5k dual cams with a wide FOV. This camera provide ultra HD video resolution 2560 x 1440p (2.5k).

The Ultra HD camera provides much clear footage video capturing plates from the distance. The specification of this camera is 140 degrees rear lens and a 160-degree flexible front lens covering a total of 300 degrees.

This 300 degrees to reduce blind area and captures the extra scene on the highway. This camera consist of 2.5d Glass and enhanced color imitation show genuine-time traffic on a side road.

The operational with advanced sony starves sensor. The dashcam capture spiky video with improved detail at the intense low light situation. Make it a responsible protector for your car all day and night.

The backup camera illustrates a rear view of the car to display a high-resolution capture stream in the rear outlook mirror. When the car locates keen on overturning, the screen representation will show park lines for secure and simple parking.

In parking examine the ring video recording allowed permanent recording. if the memory card reaches filled capability. The G sensor detecting blows and padlocks the conflict video. Then the parking monitor system show car is off.

Rear View Mirror Camera, Enhanced Night Vision with Sony Starvis Sensor Features:

  • 5k dual cam
  • Ultra HD Camera 2560 x 1440p
  • 160-degree front lens
  • 140-degree rear lens
  • Starvis sensor captures in low light.
  • High-resolution video streaming
  • The screen shows safe and easy parking.
  • Micro SD card (128 G)

Rear View Mirror Camera for Car with Waterproof 1080P Rear Camera 


The 10 inches rear view mirror dash cam is a 1080p streaming media dashcam that provides a full HD clear color. In which the IPS touch screen will show rearview display when car start or current obvious and hard.

The product provides crusty and patent high-quality HD video resolution result day and night.

The Ultra-wide product eliminates shade spots and the be anxious recording the whole thing in rear and front. The firm camera makes the imitate dashcam perfectly. And then join together with the obtainable mirror.

The dashcam mirror provides a high classification of 1080p backup cameras. The ultra HD camera shows a super night image in low downlight and night situations. The backup camera shows obvious lines that support secure parking.

The product is very supple and suitable for you to adjust the view angle. The dashcam mirror camera presents video evidence of a disaster and captures the video recording.

The mirror can provide the mirror dash cam crooked inedible. It is used for the normal rearview reflection during driving. The dashcam is impecunious to the obtainable innovative mirror using a rubber strap.

Rear View Mirror Camera for Car with Waterproof 1080P Rear Camera Features:

  • 1080p 10 inch media.
  • HD sharp color
  • IPS touch screen
  • High-resolution camera
  • Ultra wide-field views
  • Micro memory storage
  • Loop recording.

Rear Dual Dash Camera for Cars Rear View Mirror Camera 


The best android rear view mirror is a very highly recommended product for this time. The dashcam provides high-resolution 2k 1080p with a marvelous dark vision. The dashcam consist of a 12-inch touch screen imitates with a high declaration 2560 x 1440p front camera.

The rear camera declaration is 1920 x 1080p which provides sparkler clear and high-quality footage. The result is a very good day and night.

The system provides voice authority of this mirror dash cam is the very greatest product other than dash cameras.

It works perfectly and makes it easy and quick to operate the obligation of this product is on/off the turn, switch cameras, start/stop recording, lock video, etc. you do not require to attach the red wire cable as of rear camera to reversing light. When you reverse the car you command the voice camera to speak “start reversing”.

The 170-degree position of the dash camera is very enormous to imprison activities from equal sides and abolish the sightless spots. You can glide the left down and up the screen. And you change the angle as driving and reversing.

The backing camera robotically controls over full-show parking. When you reverse the car then connect the red wire from the flipside to the backup light.

Rear Dual Dash Camera for Cars Rear View Mirror Camera Features:

  • 2k + 1080p high resolution
  • 2560 x 1440p front camera
  • 1920 x 1080p rear camera
  • Smart voice system
  • On/off-screen
  • Lock video
  • Switch cameras

Front Camera, and 720P Rear View Recorder Dash Camera with LDWS


The product consists of a full-touch mirror display streaming media. This product is completely dissimilar from other mirror products. The view of this cam is very clean and obvious. Auto VOX upgrades X1 used for streaming media technology.

The screen size of the dash cam rearview mirror mount is a 9.88-inch view screen. Auto VOX X1 mirror cam with a 9.88-inch view touch screen presents sparkler picture without setback.

The product is enhanced and wider. The auto VOX streaming media present extraordinary client knowledge.

The rearview position control driving and parking. With the help of the rear angle, you will observe all the vehicles and substances obviously. X1 can provide you reversing and driving skills. The Auto VOX consists of a 140-degree ample angle and backing camera. The backing angle supports your drive and reverses easily. Make definite there is no sightless area.

The X1 camera use AHD technology to show 720p clear and steady pictures at drizzly days or dull night. The front camera of X1 delivers a 1296p FHD digital picture all the time. The function of double cameras rears or front footage at the same time. The LDW system will carry the alarm you to disappear from your lane. X1 is a very user-friendly alarm with, built-in GPS.

Front Camera, and 720P Rear View Recorder Dash Camera with LDWS Features:

  • Streaming media technology.
  • 88-inch full view screen
  • Smart rearview angle
  • 140-degree wide-angle backup
  • Front camera 1296p FHD digital
  • Lane departure warning system
  • GPS tracking
  • Friendly reminder

Rear View Dual Lens Full HD WDR Night Vision


The VVCAR functional a low down reflectivity LCD to check glower and decrease mirror image for the period of the day. The best smart rear view mirror is a built-in touch screen that makes it very easy to find the way and analyze the recordings.

The function of the GPS tracking system helps car cam record driving velocity, road, and path. The front sight angle is 170 degrees and the rear sight angle of 140 degrees. The license number plate in your back and frontage places both sides of the way visibly displayed.

When the memory SD card is full. Then the loop recording would repeatedly overwrite the recorded fragment. The G sensor VVCAR backing can repeatedly sense impulsive shake and conflict prevents the capture. The product mirror dash camera delivers video proof on an accident that to imprison the recording. The view of disaster should be accurately restored.

The super night vision combination of F1.8 large aperture, HDR, WDR. The working of HDR is that it ensures clarity of the image at night. The VVR camera working in a low light atmosphere, and make simple to prickly and color imagery. The warning system warns the car user to drive in the safe lane. If the vehicle is not in the lane then the alarm is capable of being heard.

Rear View Dual Lens Full HD WDR Night Vision Features:

  • 12-inch FHD touch screen
  • GPS tracking
  • Full HD 1296P dual lens
  • front angle is 170 degrees.
  • Loop recording.
  • HDR, WDR function.

Rear Camera with Night Vision 9.35″ Laminated and Anti-Glare Display


This type of product consists of a 1080P FHD back camera. The overturn camera has six sets consist of 6 sets of blue glass lenses. The blue glass lenses present you with comprehensive footage and clarity.

They ensure the videos are prickly to makes clear number plates, person face, vehicle models. Here is no wait-in footage broadcast. There are many functions in dashcam like starlight night vision, Blinding light censorship.

The working of starlight night function is that the rear and front dash cam mirror record and captures videos. The HDR function should present obvious videos, reasonable results, even a mysterious environment.

The super function of 6 sets of navy glass lenses can enhance shrink glower and repress blind daylight. This product is considered amongst the best rearview mirror dash camera.

Like an elevated shaft of light of a car. Another function is no battery shattered parking mode. The working of no battery shattered is that the dual cam would robotically turn on. The other feature is to record the 30 seconds video and then power off the system. No, be anxious about successively out of battery power.

Rear Camera with Night Vision 9.35″ Laminated and Anti-Glare Display Features:

  • 6 sets of blue glass lenses.
  • HDR system
  • Starlight night function
  • repress light blinding
  • shattered parking mode.
  • G sensor function

1296P HD Waterproof Back up Car Camera 170° Wide Angle


The PORMIDO mirror camera presents 12 large full touch split screen. The back view camera is 1296P HD. The product is a watertight backing car camera 170-degree extensive angle.

Also, the function is starlight night vision, SD memory storage card, parking monitor. The product consist of 12 inch IPS split screen. The back view camera 12-degree cube presents an ultra-large view.

The suppress blind function provides blind sport for secure driving or reverse. With the help of smart screen purposes, you examine dual-lens exhibits concurrently. It is one of the best HD mirror cams.

The function of the dual sony lens is used for higher resolution. You can obtain sharper DVR imagery from equally back and frontage cameras. The result of this cam is high resolution 1296P. The starlight night function low down daylight from new vehicle headlights.

The camera package 33 feet back camera linking cable wire fits. Various size of cables fits in Campers, Vans, pickups, sedans, etc. The SD storage card is 128GB.

There are many functions in the camera like G sensor, loop footage, GPS tracking, parking monitor, brilliance adjust, etc. The system supports a 128GB memory card.

1296P HD Waterproof Back up Car Camera 170° Wide Angle Features:

  • Ultra wide-view display
  • 1080P dual recording(Front + back cam)
  • Higher-resolution 1296P front only
  • AHD backup camera
  • 128GB storage media

Rear Camera Stream Media Car Camera with WDR


The AUKEY cam consists of a 9.66 IPS touchscreen. It is a dual FHD 1080P mirror dashcam. It is a waterproof backing camera. The system provides clear capture footage. An entire back and frontage dash cam to facilitate backs you in any highway occasion.

It is a remarkable prickly 1080P elective in a car on the front camera. The rearview camera mirror has a separate 1080P quality footage on the back cam which operates as a reverse cam.

The product protects your car’s 24-hour parking monitor. When the parking mode function is enabled then the camera protects your vehicle.

The dashcam uses interior 500mAh rechargeable succession. The rechargeable series to control when you left and locked up. The function of the G sensor operates a few objective motions or vibrations. The G sensor function activates in the car to prevent emergency video recording.

The Emergency video recording repeatedly captures unpredicted energetic incidents and save the footage. The function of loop recording allows permanent not needed footage.

The mirror dash cam, car charger with 3.5 meters/11.5 feet, and back camera with 7 meters/23 feet cable. The dashcam further consists of 4 escalating straps, 6 cable clips, a user instruction manual, two 3 meter stickers, USB small cable, a smart removal device, two screws, etc.

Rear Camera Stream Media Car Camera with WDR Features:

  • Large display 9.66 IPS
  • Back camera with 7 meters/ 23 feet
  • Four mounting straps
  • Trim removal manual
  • Six cable clips
  • USB mini cable

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