Best Yankee Candle Scents 2022

No room is complete without one of these gorgeous Yankee candle scents. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make your home feel welcoming, get some candles! There’s nothing like tidying up space or popping off on an evening with the windows wide open while enjoying that sweet scent.

it just can’t be beaten. From exotic fruit blossoms in summertime heat waves all the way through winter frosted trees at Christmastime when everyone has their noses buried deep into books by lamplight; there are always new options available when choosing which scent best suits what season: hello pumpkin spice latte percolating out from beneath layers upon layers–I mean pounds!–of

Best 9 Yankee Candle Scents

  1. Home Sweet Yankee candles large jar
  2. Large Jar Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake
  3. Balsam and cedar Yankee candle large jar candle 
  4. Clean cotton large jar Yankee candle
  5. Coconut  beach Yankee candle large jar candle
  6. Yankee lilac Blossoms candle large jar
  7. Special pumpkin Yankee large candle jar
  8. Fragrance spheres odor neutralizing scent beads
  9. Charming Yankee candle scents square starter kit, Bahama breeze

Home Sweet Yankee Candles Large Jar


Home sweet home jar candle product is an aromatic and heartwarming candle that is a mixture of cinnamon, baking spices, and fresh tea leaves.

This Yankee candle product is long life guaranteed one hundred ten to one hundred fifty hours is its burning lifetime. It is made up of good quality paraffin wax, which provides it long burn time. This candle measures 6.6 inches high and 4 inches D. It has a neutral fiber that gives the best and pure burn aroma. This product is excellent. Lastly, you can recycle it.


  • Single wicked Yankee candle
  • More than 15 hours of burning hours
  • 1.75 OZ weight
  • Designed and made in the USA
  • 11597Z PRODUCT model number
  • Product weight 2.52 Pounds

Large Jar Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake


Yankee candle large jar vanilla cupcake is rich in quality. Plus, it has a creamy aroma of lemon-vanilla and loads of icing layers. It has long-lasting burning hours, one hundred ten to one hundred fifty hours.

Made up of quality Paraffin, it provides you consistent burning, makes your home a home sweet home place to live. The item weighs 22 OZ it is 6.6 inches in measurements. Natural fiber used in it provides it good consistent burning with pure fragrance.


  • 1.98 H x 1.8 D dimensions.
  • Single wicked
  • It weighs 1.75 OZ.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Wax type mottled.

Balsam And Cedar Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle


This clean jar candle has an aromatic cedarwood and juniper berry; this product blends for festive fragrance. It keeps a long-lasting scent for one hundred ten to about one hundred fifty hours.

Also, it has good quality Paraffin inside it. It contains crisp citrus, herbs, and red berry. It weighs 22 oz only., this candle Yankee measures 6.6 inches H x 4 D. You can recycle it after using it.


  • Single wicked.
  • More than fifteen hours burning hours
  • 1.75 oz weight
  • Made in the USA
  • Wax type: Mottled
  • AIN: b000JDGC78
  • Product model number 1062314

Clean cotton large jar Yankee candle

Yaneek candle large vanilla cupcake

Here we go with Yankee candle large jar candle clean cotton product that comes up in the market with smoother and softer fragrance for those customers who love more mild smell Yankee candles.
The product is made with a mixture of sun died cotton, green notes, white flowers, and lemon. This product contains a long last burning capacity of 110 to 150 hours. Paraffin wax is added to this mixture. The product weighs 22 oz only. Measures 6.6 inches H x 4 D. neutral fiber wick gives the best aromatic fragrance. Completely recycle able product after being used.


  • 0.01 x 0.01 0.01 inches   are  product  dimensions.
  • 2.52 product  weights.
  • Manufactured by  Yankee  candle  company.
  • B0002PW0W0 ASIN.
  • 1010728Z product  model  number.
  • Product weight  2.52  Pounds.
  • Scent name  clean  cotton.

Coconut beach Yankee candle large jar candle


Yankee  candle  large  jar  candle  is  made   up  of  coconut  milk  and  wind swept  palms. It  comes  up  with  longs  lasting  110  to  150  hours  burning  time.

Good  quality  Paraffin  wax  gives  consistent  and  clear  aromatic  burn. 22  Ounces  in  quantity. Measures  6.6  inches  H  x inches  D. Neutral  fiber  wick   add  in  it  gives best   burning  strength . It  is  totally  recycle able.


  • 1.98 H  X 1.8 D dimensions.
  • Single wicked  body.
  • More than  fifteen  hours  burning  time.
  • Manufactured in USA.
  • Wax type  mottled wax .
  • Designed by  Yankee  candle  company.
  • ASIN B01N68CWKV.
  • Product model  number  is  1535315.
  • Product weight  is 2.52 Pounds.
  • Scent name  coconut beach.

Yankee lilac Blossoms candle large jar


Yankee  candle  large  jar  candle  lilac  blossoms  delivers you  lilac  and  white  lavender  scent. The  candle  can  burn  longer  than  110  hours.

Paraffin  wax  gives  consistent burning power  to  this candle. 22 Ounces  in  quantity, measures  6.6  inches H x 4  inches D Neutral  fiber  present  in  candle gives  best  burn. Totally  recycle able  product  after  being  used.


  • 1.95 H x 1.8 D   dimensions.
  • Single  wicked  candle.
  • Burn time  more  than 15  hours.
  • 1.75 OZ  weight.
  • Product manufactured  in  USA.
  • Wax type  mottled.
  • 2.5 pounds is  product  weight.
  • Manufacturer company  Yankee candle  company.
  • ASIN B000WQY7RO.
  • Product model  number 1006995z.
  • Scent name  Lilac  Blossom.
  • Product designed  in  USA.

Special pumpkin Yankee large candle jar


The  product  is  made  up  of  Pumpkin  latte.  Cooked  in  aromatic  slices  of  clove, nutmeg and  cinnamon. Brown  sugar  is  added  in  it  to  give  it  sweet  taste.

110-150  hours  burning  time. Paraffin  was  added  in  it  gives  it  consistent burn. 22  oz  in  quantity  it  measures  6.6  H  x  4  D. Neutral  fiber  wick   spreads best  burn. Weighs  22 Ounce gives  scent  of  pumpkin  mixed  with  clove.


  • 1.9 H x 1.8  D  dimensions.
  • Single wicked  candle.
  • More than  15  hours  burning  time.
  • 1.75  oz  weight.
  • Designed and  manufactured  in  USA.
  • Wax type  mottled.

Fragrance spheres odor neutralizing scent beads

Fragrance spheres odor neutralizing scent beads

The product is made with a combination of orchards,  fruit peels, crisp greens, and Macintosh. The fragrance of this candle remains for more than thirty days. 2.9 inches length x 2.8  inches width into  3.2  inches H. Yankee candle fragrance is totally recycled able.


  • 2.8 x 2.9 x 2.9  inches  product  dimensions.
  • 6.1 Ounces  product  weight.
  • Manufacturer company  Yankee  candle  co.
  • Product model  number  is  1547254.
  • 0.38 product  weight.
  • 177 ml  product  volume.
  • Fragrance name  Macintosh.

Charming Yankee candle scents square starter kit


The  company  Bahama  is  well  known  and  famous  which  designs  and manufactures   cocktails  on  beaches with  citrus  fruits.

The  product  kit  you  receives  includes  set  of  bangle,  necklace, Yankee candle  logo,   and  refill  fragrance  scent  of  your  choice. Fragrance  of  this  products  remains  more  than  thirty  days  after  that  you  need  to  refill the  candle  with  fragrance  of  your  choice.  Totally  recycle  able  product.


  • 2.88 x 0.56 x 1.81 inches dimensions.
  • Product weight is 2.92 Ounces.
  • Manufactured and designed by Yankee candles.
  • 1578769 product model  number.
  • Fragrance name  Bahama Breeze.

Things You Must Consider Before Buying Yankee Candles Product

Here  we  discuss  some  points  to  be  bothered  when  you  are   going  out  to  shop  Yankee  candle  products. Either  you  shop  online  or  buy  from  market  here  is  a  whole  complete  guide  for  you. You  will  left  with  no  more  confusion  anyway.


Quality  over  quality  is  the  for  most  thing  that  you  should  always  keep  in  your  mind. Our  company  provides  you best  quality  products  with  money  back  guarantee. To  earn  your  trust  is  honor able for us. Your  feed  back  about  our  products  will  be  valued  and  respected. You  trusted  quality of  our  products we   try  our  best  to  maintain  your  trust.


When ever  you  are  going  to  buy  Yankee  candles  the  thing  that  comes  in  your  mind  is  fragrance  of  these candles. Most of  the  customers  are  seeking  for  best  aromatic  Yankee  candles  among  all the  Yankee we  provide  you  here. We  try  to  design  best   long  lasting  scent  Yankee  candles  that  have  long  burning  life  and  long   lasting  fragrance  without  need  to  refill  fragrance  before  30 days time  period.

Life Time

Long  lasting  candles  are  more  demanded  and  asked  by  our  customers. We  provide  long  lasting  Yankee  candles  in  comparatively  low and  very reason able  prices  for  our  respected customers  and  followers   to  satisfy  their  desires  and  needs.

FAQs About Yankee Candles

Why Tax On  Yankee  Candles ?

All  products that  are  sold  from  retailer  contains   some  fixed  amount  of  tax.

What  Are  The  Ounces  Of  Yankee  Candle  Home  Sweet  Home ?

The  Yankee  candle  home  sweet  home  ounces 623  gram a  little  bite  more  than 22  oz.

What  Are  The  Dimensions  Of  Yankee  Candle  Large Vanilla  Cup Cake?

The  accurate  dimensions  of  this  Yankee  candle  large  vanilla  cup  cake  are  estimated  as 3.5  x 3.4 x 3.2  inches  in  measurement.

Does This Candle Yankee Candle Large Vanilla Cup Cake Burn Evenly?

Yes,   if  your  trim the  sticks  of  Yankee  candles large  vanilla  cup  cakes ,  it  will  surely  burn  evenly.

How Long Yankee Candle Large Balsam Cedar Candle Burn ?

It  is  estimated  that  Yankee  candle  large  Balsam  Cedar  burn  more  that  18  hours  straight. But  at  the  end  fragrance  is  faded  some  how  it  is  not  as  strong  as  it  was in  starting  hours.

How Many Ounces In Yankee Candle Large Balsam Cedar Candle?

Yankee  candle  large  Balsam   Cedar  candle  ounces  22.

Does This Yankee Candle Large Balsam Cedar Candle Come In Present Able Gift Box Packaging?

The  Yankee  candle  Balsam  Cedar  candle  comes  in  box.  It  is enveloped  in  card box  in  order  to  protect  the  glass  jar  from  breaking  and  damaging inside.   You  can  use  this  envelop  as  gift  box. Cover  is  with gift paper or  wallpapers.

Yankee Candle Large Clean Cotton Is Its Wax Jet Black In Colour?

Wax  of  Yankee  candle   large  clean  cotton  candle  is  navy  blue , less  or  more  like  mid night  black wax. It  is  super  dark  navy  in  color.

How Many Burning Hours Candle Clean Cotton Keeps ?

Yankee  candle  large  clean  cotton  candle  keep  about  3  minimum burning  days.

What Does Bhama Yankee Large Candle Smells Like?

Bahama  Yankee  large  candle  smells  very  light  you  can  not  easily  indicate the  scent  type.  It  is  little  bit  confusing.

Does Yankee Candle Large Lilac Blossom Smell Less Or More Like Apricot?

Yankee candle large lilac Blossom smells good  and yes, it is less or more like  apricot.

How Many Oz Is 2 Large Wick Candles Of  Yankee Candle Large Lilac Blossom?

2  large  wick  candles  of  Yankee  candle  large  Lilac  Blossom   is  about  22  oz  as  estimated. 7 oz  is  single  wick  candle  of  Yankee  candle  large  Lilac  Blossom.

Are The Wick Leads Of  Yankee Candle Large Spiced Pumpkin Candles Free?

Yes,  all   the  Yankee  candles  large  spiced  pumpkins  candles  feature  free  wick  leads.

Is It Better To Use A Double Wick In A Large Yankee Candle large Spiced Pumpkin Candle ?

Yes,   its  okay  to  use  a double  wick  in  a  large  Yankee  candle  large  spiced pumpkin  even  for  melt.

Is It Fine To Use Fragrance Sphares In Car ?

Yes,  sure.  Why  not It  is  totally  fine  to  place  fragrance  spheres  in  a  car. You  can  fix  it  in  a  cup  holder  inside  your  car. It  will keep  working  as  long  as  you  keep  it  upright  inside  the  car.

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